#sevendays in black & white

There’s this photo challenge running around to post one black & white picture a day, depicting your life, with no people and no explanations. I got tagged by a friend but, I’d already read the superbly subversive attitude to the challenge taken by Ally Bean and thus inspired, I decided to accept the challenge but to do it my way.

My photos were taken over a period of days, although not seven. They all depict my everyday life as it varies between weekdays and weekends. Being a home-worker, my weekday life revolves round where I live, whereas my weekends tend to revolve around the weather and photo opportunities, however far-flung. I think these photos depict my current life pretty well …

I spend a fair bit of time at my keyboard, and my days are powered by tea, so this seems like a good place to start. And I’ve long been a fan of Emma Bridgewater.

IMGP1248This is where my neighbour sits and reads his newspaper – on more clement days than this one was … obviously.

On Sunday we went to this lake which had been crowded with birds during the week, but the fishermen had scared them away. So, I took a picture of them instead.

IMGP1279Scared away everything, apart from this ‘ere swan that is.

IMGP1464Then on to Littlehampton, where there’s this thing called the Longest Bench project. It weaves and winds it’s way along the seafront, with a few interesting twists & turns along the way.

IMGP1241Back home and taken in my car park.  Photography, like much else in life, is all a matter of perspective.

IMGP1554-01I missed out Saturday. It was a rainy day, so we stayed in. I seem to have a good selection of gin …   And that seems like a good way to end.


© Debra Carey, 2017

9 thoughts on “#sevendays in black & white

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  1. Your photos are beautiful. I especially like the twisty park bench one, although after enough sips of that which is featured in your last photo all park benches would seem to me like the one in Littlehampton. 😉

    Thanks for linking to my post! We all gotta do what we all gotta do.

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  2. Oh thanks Ally, I really appreciate that. I found the park bench fascinating. They literally twisted it behind all the trash bins and lamp posts on the seafront, as well as a few more self-indulgent ones like this one. Great fun, and totally unexpected.

    I’m such a follower, you’ve inspired me to look at how I can make stuff work better … for me. So thank you. 🙂


  3. Interesting photos Debs! When I started photography black and white was the only option for the impecunious amateur,so I have always been aware that the technique is different from colour. Then when I graduated to colour prints and slides again the cost made careful shot selection essential. Nowadays digital has made all that unnecessary and we see far too many badly framed, badly focussed images on social media. it seems that for too many people a visit to a place is not valid unless captured through a selfie.

    Oh dear, what I intended as a compliment has turned into a rant! Many apologies! I like your selection of images and the sub-theme that they portray. Thanks too for the hat-tip to Ally Bean and her selection. Now I’ve got to get back to this chapter that is taking far too long to progress!



  4. Ha ha! I know what you mean though and it’s *always* so easy when being passionate to end up ranting! I’ll just say thank you muchly for the compliment … and agree with the rest of the comment! 🙂


  5. Hi Britney & thanks! I was struggling with weekday everyday stuff that wasn’t my desk … and that is just too horrible a mess to be photographed!

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