ISWG: Spring has sprung …

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On the first Wednesday of every month, we all post our thoughts, fears or words of encouragement for fellow writers.

The awesome co-hosts for this month are E.M.A. Timar, J. Q. Rose, C.Lee McKenzie, and Raimey Gallant!

This month’s question:  It’s spring! Does this season inspire you to write more than others, or not?
I’ll be honest, I don’t think I do find spring especially inspiring. I’m not really a William Wordsworth type, taken to swooning in florid prose over daffodils and the like – I’d rather take pictures of them than write about them.
As a keen photographer, good weather is time for getting outdoors with a camera. Dull, darker days mean indoors. And indoors means writing. At least it does to me. Perhaps its the photographer in me that prefers long shadows, varied tones of grey, loads of clouds and atmosphere galore that one finds during the later months of the year.
I’m also a huge fan of autumn (or ‘fall’ for those of you across the pond). I like darker mornings and the evenings ‘drawing in’ – isn’t that just the most wonderful phrase? I adore the textures of warm clothing, blankets and scarves – as well as the descriptive prose that goes with them.  Oh … and log fires.
I think the season can add a certain mood too. After all, spring is all baby lambs and baby chicks – fluffy, happy and bouncy – until we have to face the specture of someone eating them that is.

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  1. I can identify with not finding ‘Spring’ in its widest sense inspiring (at the moment I am looking our of my study window onto a scene of rain!), but in the microcosm, yes there is inspiration. We’ve just had a bunch of newly-fledged blackbirds chasing dad because they still want to be fed rather than try for themselves: my wife had planted up a small area of our lawn as a Spring garden and it has been fascinating to see the crocuses followed by some purple flowers that she knows but I can’t identify 🙂 to be followed in turn by cowslips. The frogspawn in the pond has turned into hundreds of little black dots which are slowly maturing into tadpoles.

    And,of course, Spring brings the A2Z Challenge!!

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  2. Two great seasons are spring and summer. One rich in colour and the ending of summer, the other newness and rebirth. Not keen on winter though, crisp days yes, darker nights no. I digress…

    I imagine both are wonderful for a photographer too. I chose not to go with this months question and write about inspiration from bygone poets. I did collaborate with another blogger not so long ago exploring seasonal blogging changes. That touched very much on this question.

    For me, season isn’t really an issue. I write when I’m inspired. I’ve taken to NaNoWriMo the last two November’s and they have been productive. Spring often has me tidying up the November project. I guess if the weather is good (which it isn’t here at present) I do take the iPad out and write.

    Shoot, you’ve got me rambling! Good post sign that is 😊

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  3. Spring does bring inspiration galore, just it’s the time of year I’d rather be outside capturing images rather than indoors writing. But, you’re right, it does bring the A2Z challenge which is a massive inspiration in itself 🙂


  4. That’s the thing isn’t it Natalie, there’s so much else to be doing in Spring, I feel writing has to struggle extra hard to get a look in.


  5. Hello Gary, so nice to meet you & thank you for the lengthy engage 🙂

    As a photographer it’s all about the light, so any season *can* be great for photos, the only qualification for me is that it needs to be dry, as my kit doesn’t have full pro water sealing. I’m really interested to hear your discussion on seasonal blogging changes, so I’ll be over for a rummage round your site very shortly.

    Writing when inspired sounds the perfect method and it’s something I need to work on. Having not only multiple interests but also commitments to partner, parent, let alone the other social aspects, I know I have put aside some inspiration with a promise of “later”. But I’m starting to realise that inspiration can all too easily go off the boil …

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  6. This is the problem with being a photographer and writer. When the light is right you just have to take photographs. And you can always write at night when everyone is asleep. Love the line about not swooning in florid prose over daffodils.

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  7. I *knew* you’d understand that constant battle 🙂 And so pleased you enjoyed my line – the post got dashed off at the end of the challenge, so I’m glad I captured my mood the right way!

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  8. I find myself discombobulated in the spring. Too much newness and happy cheery expectations. I get distracted from my To Do List and priorities. Give me autumn or winter– that’s when I can buckle down and write.

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  9. My pleasure and in truth, if I decide to comment (time demons permitting) I try and make it do justice to the bloggers post. Engaging is the best way I’ve found thus far. That and sharing posts across Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Flipboard and even the accursed Facebook!

    I can see light is über important. Sadly my artistic abilities are woeful. Which is a shame as I’d like to be able to drift in that direction. My creativity is in writing it seems, although being able to design a cover would be helpful!!

    You might find it easier to search for “Seasonal blogging.” It’s buried quite deep as I did the A to Z challenge this year!!

    I totally get what you mean by inspiration going off the boil to easily. I have similar problems when too much time drifts. It’s hard though because as you hinted at, families, kids and life has to be balanced too. One thing I need to do is carry an idea journal with me. Just to joy things down for when time is better and, as most great authors say, get into the habit of writing regularly. I see what that means when the boil drops to simmer then tepid lol

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  10. Relentless cheerfulness can be somewhat overwhelming in and of itself, let alone the distractions for snapping a snap. And you’re right, it’s always the time for getting stuck in to the To Do List – and it’s the time for the dreaded ‘spring cleaning’. No such ghastliness for autumn and winter – they are the seasons for hunkering down in cosy comfort and if those aren’t the perfect conditions for writing, I don’t know what is!

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  11. Stu, another hay fever sufferer? I started late (mid 30s) but it is lessening somewhat after considerable messing around to find the right drugs (ones that don’t put me straight to sleep or turn me into a zombie for the summer months) and more natural remedies. Local honey is one of my favourites, but you need to start a couple of months ahead. Also a homeopathic remedy called Euphrasia (the common name for eyebright) for itchy eyes. Yes, yes, I know … all the scientists amongst you are giving me *that* look, but where there’s an overlap with old herbal remedies, I do find them to be effective.


  12. Gary, thanks for the search suggestion – I did look at the vast array of posts and balk!

    My on-the-go notebook tends to be the Notes function on my smart phone. I do love the idea of having a little notebook and pen for scribbling on-the-go, as it feels oh so writerly, but already weighed down with camera kit, the phone option it is. Not that I’m not constantly on the hunt for the perfect small, lightweight but gorgeous notebook – ‘cos, well … I love a good browse in stationery shops 🙂


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