Writing goals revisited

I first set myself writing goals in October 2015. In deciding what (if anything) I wanted to save from my archieved website, I re-read them. Some of them made me laugh, others I was pleased to say I’d (finally) placed a tick beside, but … the most important thing it did was to make me consider what I really and truly want.

When I set my writing goals for 2018, I was comfortable they were a true reflection. What I discovered when I sat down to take a good honest look at them three-quarters of the year through 2018 – was I love blogging, it’s fun and provides an outlet for all my myriad interests. But it is taking my time away from writing fiction.

Like most part-time writers, it’s tough carving out time to write. I’ve spent hours angsting over how to sort out a regular writing schedule, until I realised that if I just nailed myself to the chair with the aim of writing – writing happened. But the truth of the matter is I don’t appear to have a problem finding time for writing blog posts. You see, I get my writing endorphin hit each and every time I schedule or publish a post. But the fiction still isn’t getting written …

The blogging schedule over at Fiction Can Be Fun helps me to focus on writing short pieces of fiction, but those longer works-in-progress, those ideas which are seeds awaiting development – they’re just not happening.

So, I’m going to scale back. I’m going to focus my writing time on fiction, to see if I can make the dream come true. I’ve no doubt I’ll return to regular blogging in due course but, the rest of 2018 is going to be focused on those WIPs and getting them done.

Wish me luck 🙂

© Debra Carey, 2018


6 thoughts on “Writing goals revisited

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  1. To be honest Ronel, the idea of NaNo scares me silly. I’m someone who would feel a huge sense of failure if I wasn’t able to achieve my target, and even by cutting out my blogging, a 50k target isn’t a realistic one for me. But I hope to pick up on all the good-feel writerly vibes that’ll be filling the airwaves during November and will be putting them to good use. Thank you for your good wishes & if you’re NaNo-ing, I wish you the very best in having a hugely successful November 🙂

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  2. Thanks Ally 🙂

    I doubt there’ll be much ignoring going on. I’ll still be reading … I’d miss you all too much otherwise!

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