Rolling Stone

By which I mean the lyrics of the Bob Dylan number – or living the life of a nomad – rather than Mick Jagger & pals.

Himself is a minimalist by nature – camera equipment aside – and regularly expresses a hankering to live in a van (something I may have mentioned to one or two or you 😉 ). To be fair to him, he knows me well enough to understand that means one which has been properly converted to include a proper bed, toilet & shower, kitchenette and the like. Although I did get somewhat worried when his eyes lit up at the sight of an old Soviet army radio truck in the process of being converted.

Every now and again, he shows me the video blog of someone who’s converted a truck of some sort, then taken to travelling to exotic and far away lands. There’s no arguing with the fact that, as a photographer, the opportunities would be amazing … but living in that small a space, so far away from civilisation and the people I love – I’m just not sure how I’d cope.

But, I have given it some serious thought, and came to the conclusion that if I was to agree,  it would probably need to be one of those huge American style RVs. I’d struggle to drive anything that large, but Himself would have no problems, being an experienced driver of heavy vehicles in a past life.

Where would we choose to go? In all honesty, the photography bucket list could probably run to multiple pages between us, and would include much of the remaining stunning geography to be found in the World. Mongolia looks staggeringly beautiful despite its bleakness, New Zealand has lush greenery combined with wonderful geology, while the USA has such a huge variety of geography, as well as stunning old towns still looking like they did in the fifties, and that’s before we get to mastering the challenges of architectural photography in the modern high rise cities of glass and steel. I’d love to travel the length and breadth of India, see St Petersburg and Moscow, maybe even Chernobyl … There’s also Scotland, much of Wales and Ireland, and the coast of North East England still to see, plus Scandinavia, Iceland, and large chunks of Europe – particularly Eastern Europe. And that’s before you consider the continents of South America and Africa.

If I was fit and healthy, I would seriously consider going on a trip or two. I could put my “stuff” into storage and go, travelling with camera equipment, laptop and phone. But I fear being separated from my chiropractor, as they’ve kept me upright for so long. Indeed, the worst day of this Covid-19 lock-down was when they shut their doors for the duration. Depending how well I survive without their care during this stay-at-home period, a case could be made. That said, there’s no doubting I would miss my daughter and my granddaughter to stay away for long …

But it’s an interesting idea to consider during these days of lock-down, when roaming the world might appear more attractive than it usually does.

If you were living a nomadic life, where would you be tempted to go? 

© Debra Carey, 2020

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  1. I’ve always wanted to jump in a van and travel the byways (not highways) of North America. And it could yet happen! Post-pandemic, that is. Would like to keep a home base though, and not become a full-time van dweller.


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  2. This is tough for me because I would literally travel everywhere..just jump in and go….but…I like nice showers and I know that sounds stupid but it’s a favorite part of my day. Also…I know how hard it is to live small…..

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  3. Deb, that trip you suggest you’d like is exactly one that would tempt me. Like you, I’d always want to be able to return to the comfort of home. I think I’d happily stay on the road for months at a time, so long as I could come home regularly and see my family & friends.

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  4. LA, I don’t think that a desire for nice showers is in any way stupid – they top my list of creature comforts too. The one we have here isn’t quite up to the mark, the next one will have to do a lot better to meet my criteria. Unfortunately I’d a friend in property development who spoiled me for amazing showers 🙂


  5. I’d like to travel around North America, winding without a plan over the Great Plains and British Columbia. That being said, I don’t like traveling enough to want to do it IF I don’t get to be comfortable. And somehow traveling by RV doesn’t sound like fun to me. Now a stay at the Ritz… room service… I could dream about that.

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  6. This is something my wife and I talk about regularly. She is not someone who travels easily at all, but the conversation often comes up whenever we see a camper on the road. In addition, we’ve been following the exploits of Chris and Marianne Fisher, the “Tread The World” couple who are currently stuck in Turkey because of the coronavirus. Prior to the pandemic, their trip had been interesting to follow.

    In our case, we definitely wouldn’t want one of those huge campers, although it is amazing to see one that’s also pulling their family car too. Conspicuous consumption, anyone? 🙂 My preference would be a “little fella” that one could also fit nicely in a hotel parking lot for those nights when a comfortable bed and regular shower are required. In my mind, “cheating” would be allowed every four or five days.

    I would like to travel up to the upper plain states of the U.S. — North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota. The whole idea of the open road just appeals to me. Will it ever happen for us? Probably not. But it’s fun to think about. – Marty

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  7. It’s those pesky blogs & vlogs that inspire us both then Marty! 😀Those huge RVs are a bit of an eye sore & my very eco warrior daughter wouldn’t approve at all if I got one, so I’d have to find some way to tread the middle ground.

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  8. Good to hear Ally, you be true to you! I’d never have considered a van or RV before I met himself. The things we consider to please the ones we love eh? 🙂


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