The Magic of Kindness

As you may or may not have noticed, it was Valentine’s Day last weekend. It’s not an event that gets much attention chez Debs & Himself, except for the fact that I noticed a rash of pictures on my village’s Facebook page.

Each of those photo contained a small crocheted heart with a handwritten tag saying “Smile! Take me home” The hearts – crocheted in different colours – were found dotted about the village, on hedges, railings, park benches and tree branches. All had identical labels attached in the same handwriting. Each and every person who posted was utterly thrilled with their find. Most took their find home, but others, though delighted, decided to leave them where they were to give joy to someone else.

No-one seems to know who is behind this act of kindness. No-one has come forward to claim the act, but many of the posters have expressed an intention to contact the local paper. It seems unlikely that a local journalist would consider it worth investigating further, but I hope whoever it is (or they are) have had the pleasure of witnessing the joy they’ve given to so many in a most difficult time.

I’m not sure how many there were in total, for some finders may not use Facebook, but I did hear that many were also found in a neighbouring town – so a sizeable number. My heart gained such a lift at the thought of those hearts being crocheted – possibly by a single person, more likely by a group of friends – with one handwriting the labels, before they dispersed to leave their gifts to be found. Whoever it is, or they were, have done this community a great service.

What has brought a smile to your lips – or given you an emotional lift – during the current shenanigans?

© Debra Carey, 2021

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  1. LA, so agree with you about pets. I do miss my old black cat – he was wonderful for lifting the spirits. When I retire and am in my forever home, I’ll be surrounding myself with black & ginger cats and becoming the stereotypical mad old cat lady! Himself will want a dog but isn’t keen on the poop picking up, so he may have to make do with cats.

    The hearts are cute – for a brief moment I thought I’d found one myself on my morning walk. It wasn’t, but I still felt a bounce in my step afterwards simply thinking about it.


  2. That’s so cool! We briefly lived in Portland, Oregon for a time. On our first walk around the neighborhood after moving in, we came up on a small table outside a home containing individually wrapped cookies and tiny cartons of milk in a thermal bowl with ice. A sign said, “Help yourself,” which we thought was awfully kind. – Marty

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  3. Marty, oh that is a lovely & generous idea. I’ve passed small tables outside houses on my daily walk where people have left out jigsaw puzzles, toys & books for people to help themselves. Never seen it happen before the pandemic but I hope we find some way for that sort of kindness to continue after.

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  4. Natalie, there is something extra special when kindness is done without need for thanks, just to know it’ll bring joy. I’ve been bowled over by it.


  5. Fewer smiles in my world than usual. I wait for the snow to melt, the vaccine to arrive, and it not to be February! March will make me smile, dammit!

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  6. March better do it’s duty Ally, or we’ll be having stern words with it. Himself gets his vaccine tonight & mine is next week. Grandson was born yesterday, so my world is pretty smiley. I’m more than happy to send some spare over to you for the weekend 😀


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