Things you see while driving….

April has been a busy old month in lots of ways, with the weather in my bit of the UK being largely clement whilst still offering us the “what season is it going to be this week” question in terms of temperature. Fortunately my wardrobe is small enough for nothing to get packed away. It’s also meant that it’s the season for Himself and I to get out and about a bit more with our cameras. Today’s post will not include pictures of said trips, instead it will describe a couple of sights which caused us to roar with laughter while in the car.

During the Easter weekend, the traffic was understandably stop-start, so we got the opportunity to examine our fellow travellers in some detail. The majority of the cars were packed to the gills with people and luggage, all heading off to visit family or to enjoy a staycation. However, one particular SUV remained in the lane ahead of us for a significant period, allowing us plenty of time to eyeball their luggage. As we pull to a stop close to their bumper, Himself and I turned to one another with a “WTF?”.

Among the visible cases was a Trunki. For those of you who don’t want to click on the link, they’re a manufacturer of fun children’s luggage, the USP of which is that when your child is tired of pulling it along themselves, they can sit on it and be dragged along by their parent. Apparently they’d appeared on Dragons Den (the UK’s version of Shark Tank) which is where Himself spotted them. Anyway, sticking out of one corner of said Trunki was a light purple plastic thingy. Initially I’d assumed it was some form of child’s toy – you know, the turret of a castle, or the leg of something. But when we remained stationary mere feet from their rear for a significant period of time, it became clear that there was an anatomically correct aspect to said purple plastic thingy. Indeed, one could clearly see that it had a head – and not the sort that goes on top of your neck.

I can’t decide whether I was more appalled at the thought that someone had packed their – ahem – toy in their child’s case, or that a grown woman had bought themselves a Trunki πŸ˜‰


Fast forward to our next road trip. I’ve a habit of wiling away trips when in the passenger seat with spotting unusual shop names as we pass through towns; we also both notice (and comment on) personalised number plates. Except they don’t usually cause us to titter – and this one did. I find that most personalised plates are about stroking the ego, but this one, on a fancy Mercedes, read MY60NAD – except the 6 had been altered slightly so it read as a G. In the UK, we have a slang saying for when something is top notch – it’s referred to it as the Dog’s…. Some people find it necessary to specify what part of a dog’s anatomy they are referencing, but generally it’s assumed not to be. So, here was a man – quite literally – advertising to the world, his belief that his car was the absolute Dog’s…. πŸ™‚

So, what’s been going on in your world this April? Any amusing tales to tell?

Β© Debra Carey, 2022

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  1. We do a lot of driving around Southern California for soccer, but sadly, so many windows are tinted that it’s hard to spy on fellow drivers. Not many personalized plates here, either, although I thought this one was funny: APL8WNO.

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  2. Your driving adventures are much more amusing than mine! I’m now very curious about the etymology of your slang saying for “top notch.” Like, what’s so special about a dog’s gonad? Maybe you grow them differently across the pond? πŸ™‚

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  3. Ha ha! Mark, I’d hate to miss sell the UK as being sex mad, but after the front page news of the UK MP watching porn while in the House of Commons….

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  4. Rita, that’s the British sense of humour for you – sarcasm, irony, innuendo & the absurd. There’s a whole host of suggestions as to the origins of the saying, including one that it was used by printers to describe a colon followed by a dash : ⎯


  5. It sounds like you were able to stay entertained on the road, Debs! I just spent a week with a lovely couple from the UK. We have mutual friends, and we were all in Mazatlan together. He particularly had a delightful (dry) sense of humor and told the best stories. When we were leaving, he said what a pleasure it was meeting us and that we we lived up to everything our mutual friends had told him about us…well almost everything. There were a few things we could work on. Not to worry, it would be in the full report. Just remember any criticism was meant for our betterment.

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  6. Oh your closing sentence made me chuckle. You sure had the full British sense of humour there Christie. Glad you appreciate it πŸ˜€


  7. I absolutely love it when bloggers post pictures. In fact, I think they’re kind of necessary to make posts more interesting. But in this instance, I think you made the right decision, Debs. We probably didn’t need to see either descriptor, as it were. I’ve never been able to think of a decent vanity plate that wasn’t somehow lame and stupid (I leave that for my blog, ha!). Plus my wife probably would never set foot in my car if I tried. πŸ™‚ – Marty

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  8. Marty, I had the exact same reaction to that numberplate. He made me roar with laughter, but then I felt sorry for his girlfriend – before wondering if it was a reason why he didn’t have one (well, not travelling with him at the car anyway).

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  9. I’ve had nothing this interesting going on in my life during April. Vanity plates are often kind of confusing, not entirely meaningful to outsiders, but you hit the jackpot with this one that got to the point.

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  10. I haven’t seen something that funny in a long time – until I looked through the Trunki site. Who woulda thought that children needed so much stuff? And there are questions that can’t be answered. Did you really see what you think you saw? And how did B.O.B. get in there? Was it a child’s find and not discovered by the parents?

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  11. Ally, I thought it was going to be a month of head down and lots of hard work, so these sightings really lifted the mood and I couldn’t help but share the OMG & laughter πŸ™‚

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  12. Zazzy, I know! I’d not heard of Trunkis either, and was being educated on them by Himself as we drove along. As to the all too many questions the sight raised – my mind was exploding I tell you πŸ˜€

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