Shelf policing?

Although later retracted, first we had the mainstream press reporting Marie Kondo as saying that 30 books was the maximum a person needed in their life. To be clear, she later clarified that mis-representation, stating that while 30 books might be the number which suited her, if books be your thing, then keeping those that... Continue Reading →

Nowt so strange as folk!

There's a reason that saying exists. Worse, there are people who keep on providing us with more reasons for saying it. This week, trending on social media is a story of folk who are decorating their male dog's bits in - erm - glitter. You'll be relieved to hear that's not the point of my... Continue Reading →

2018 – a reading review

In a year when I read the fewest books since I started to keep records, the highlights were 12 books I rated four star and 3 which received that rarely awarded fifth star. They were a good mix ... four were non-fiction three were based in Africa three others were autobiographical two dealt with medical... Continue Reading →

Musicals – what’s your style?

I may have mentioned that I'd like to see a less action/shooty type film to Himself and obtained a promise that he'd take a look at his collection of films for something a bit more "me". His first choice was a good one, being the film version of a book I'd read with my book... Continue Reading →

Social media in fiction

I haven't done a book review on here for some time so, whilst thinking it must be time to rectify that, I went looking at my recent reads. In truth, there've been few standout fictional reads of late; instead they've mostly been light episodes in between the heavier-weight professional reads. However, amongst these were a... Continue Reading →


A Day to Celebrate those who Love Books eh? Tomorrow is #BookLoversDay ... and I tried to think of a witty quotation or amusingly appropriate meme. Having struggled for an absurd amount of time, I decided on this one ... "Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?" - Henry Ward Beecher I'm... Continue Reading →

Salman Rushdie at the Hay Festival

If you've not read "The Golden House", please be aware there may be the odd spoiler below Salman Rushdie was at the Hay Festival talking about his new book "The Golden House"  I've read a four of Mr Rushdie's books (yes, I just went off to Goodreads to count them) with "Midnight's Children" featuring at... Continue Reading →

Rose Tremain at the Hay Festival

If you've not yet read "Rosie" - this piece does contain the odd spoiler. Rose Tremain's new book - and the subject of her talk at Hay - was "Rosie: Scenes from a Vanished Life". I was drawn to Rose Tremain's talk for two reasons. The first obvious - but the second is that one... Continue Reading →

The Hay Festival

Attending the Hay Festival has been on my wish list for a good many years. Each year I promise myself I'll do something about it "next year". Then next year arrives, I realise the Festival is already happening and I've done absolutely nothing. So ... this year I put it on my list of writing... Continue Reading →

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