Photography during a time of pandemic

When lockdown was first upon us, the cameras in our household lay dormant - not unloved, but like us - pining for the outdoors. Slowly, cautiously, we stuck out noses outside, and exposed our lungs and our cameras to some fresh air. Initially we stuck to our local park. Visiting at a time when it... Continue Reading →

On the edge

Here we are, in the sixth week of lock-down in the UK, and the government's chief scientific officer has gone on record that we will need some form of social distancing regulations till at least the end of the year. I'm sure this wasn't news anyone wanted to hear - be that personally or professionally... Continue Reading →

Our new back yard

Having moved last month, we're now largely settled in. There's a bit of tinkering to do and I'm still putting up pictures, a couple of every day or so, as I don't consider a place home until I do. So I was caught out when, after a weekend away, we drove past our old place... Continue Reading →

Battle of Britain memorial

It was a gorgeous sunny day last August, when Himself and I paid a visit to the Battle of Britain memorial at Capel le Ferne, in Kent.  It wasn't our planned destination when we set out that day, but our chosen destination was rather disappointing and, being in the area, we diverted - it being... Continue Reading →

All the fun of the Fair!

As a young teen, I thought going to the Fair would be an exciting event. Somehow they'd merged in my mind with circuses - you know, greasepaint, colour, lights, spectacle - so when I first went, I found it somewhat grubby and a bit dull ... except for the dodgems - which I did find... Continue Reading →

Forties frolics

Himself & I attend more than one of two military related events over the course of the year and something I've noticed is the increasing number of people attending these events dressed in forties everyday clothing. From the numbers of 40s events now in the calender, it's clearly a growing area of interest in the... Continue Reading →

Secret Nuclear Bunker

I know, I know, the whole point of something being secret is that you don't know about it. It's one of the things that always makes me laugh about our annual visits to a re-enacting event held at the Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker in Cheshire - especially when I first catch sight of the... Continue Reading →

Monday morning – recovery time?

Oh how hard they can be - especially when you've had a particularly enjoyable weekend - whether that be of the wild party or the quiet restful sort. Sometimes I'm physically exhausted after tramping around the countryside with a camera, so am ready for a little break behind my desk. A run to the West... Continue Reading →

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