#FF photo prompt

I'm a co-host over at FictionCanBeFun and, having missed our own #ff photo prompt last week, I thought I'd make use of our new #TortoiseFlashFiction page ...   Sam was peeved. It’d been his turn to plan the romantic weekend and, as they were both keen photographers, he'd decided on a moonlight photo session at... Continue Reading →

November the 9th …

... was my father's birthday. This year we are marking it without him. We'll be taking some of those Chinese lanterns up onto a nearby hill, lighting them, before sending them up into the night sky with our love and final goodbyes. My father was a great raconteur. Any time we had a gathering, he'd... Continue Reading →

The other C word …

... cancer. When you've had cancer and been one of the fortunate ones, there's a feeling that you must make a difference, with how you make that difference being the only question. Like many of us, I flounder about in a variety of ways, but one of those ways is writing about it. And I... Continue Reading →

Solar Eclipse

21st September 2034 Orviston, Northern America Continental colony, Earth I was not the only child born during the solar eclipse, so chances were good that I was not the only one who could do things that normal people could not. Only problem was, I'd not met another one yet ... See, in my rural community,... Continue Reading →

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