Battle of Britain memorial

It was a gorgeous sunny day last August, when Himself and I paid a visit to the Battle of Britain memorial at Capel le Ferne, in Kent.¬† It wasn't our planned destination when we set out that day, but our chosen destination was rather disappointing and, being in the area, we diverted - it being... Continue Reading →

Hero or Heroine?

This is one of those posts which was trigged by a blog I read (thanks LA) which was, in turn, prompted by something she read (yes, do we seem to inspire one another). The question being asked was whether you have a preference for a particular gender in your protagonist (as a reader that is)... Continue Reading →

The single story

I recently read a most interesting blog post on the subject of cultural appropriation¬† written by Dutch author Karien van Ditzhuijzen, author of A Yellow House, which was hosted by Indian writer and blogger Damyanti Biswas. Cultural appropriation is a relatively new term (to me at least), one I only took serious note of when... Continue Reading →

Hay Festival 2019

Despite the Hay Festival's slogan for this year being Imagine the World, for me this was the year I didn't fall over. In 2018, we'd tried to cram everything into one day and while rushing, I tripped over my long trousers, and crashed to the ground. An experience that combined pain and humiliation, I was... Continue Reading →

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