An A-Z of gratitude for 2022

I was so inspired by Marty at Snakes in the Grass by his regular Thanksgiving A-Z of gratitude, that I did one last year, and I see no reason not to repeat it again this year πŸ™‚ A is for Autumn - my favourite season of the year. In my mature years, I've struggled with... Continue Reading →

Celebrating my Dad

I noticed that Wednesday falls on what would've been my father's birthday, and while it's not a notable birthday, neither ending in a zero or a five, I thought I'd share a bit about him. The second of three generations born in India, in Darjeeling, a hill stations where the government of the Raj retired... Continue Reading →

Scents and sensibility….

β€œSmell is important. It reminds a person of all the things he's been through; it is a sheath of memories and security.” Tove Jansson. author When doing my NLP training, we were taught to draw upon all our senses, and I found myself somewhat lacking in the area of smell. I could recall only two memories... Continue Reading →

Imposter Syndrome

The dictionary definition of Imposter Syndrome is the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one's own efforts or skills. So, just to be clear, this isn't about being afraid to do stuff due to self-doubt, or putting things off thinking you're not good... Continue Reading →

100 things: a list

I was going to start this out by saying that things aren't that important to me. But, in the same week as I've been carrying stuff from my mother's home in through the door to our small apartment, and have spied Himself's evident horror at the clutter potential, I'm not sure I can authentically claim... Continue Reading →

Non-toxic addiction

OK, so I'm guessing you're looking at the title of this blog and wondering when I lost my marbles - but stick with me πŸ™‚ Back when I attended an AA meeting as the partner of a recovering alcoholic, the first thing I noticed was the large gathering of smokers on the doorstep. Being a... Continue Reading →

When they stop adoring you….

The recent period of mourning for HM The Queen created a situation where #TheQueue not only merited a hashtag of it's own, but news reports a-plenty. One unexpected outcome was that a couple of popular TV presenters were pilloried for jumping the queue - and in the UK, there is no greater sin. Especially, when... Continue Reading →

Wake up and…?

I keep seeing stuff about the morning routines of the rich or successful or famous. I'm presuming their aim is to suggest that we, mere mortals πŸ™‚ can emulate them in becoming as rich or successful or famous as they by aping their routines. If so, I think it might take a bit more than... Continue Reading →

So we had a few days holiday…

We built it around a military history event which we've been to for many a year now (before the time which will not be mentioned), and were looking forward to catching up with some re-enactor friends there. We booked the remaining days of our long weekend away with various other activities before setting off. During... Continue Reading →

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