I’m a sucker for Sleep Stories

For most of us, having a story read aloud to us is something last experienced in childhood. It's a wonderfully bonding experience between parent and child, helping a child wind down from the day and prepare for sleep. Later, once the child becomes able to read independently, this practice tends to cease. It's all part... Continue Reading →

When where you live doesn’t feel like Home

We've been having a relatively long-running neighbour dispute, despite being good at the rough & tumble which comes with the shared space aspect of apartment living. I won't go into the detail of the dispute, 'cos it's all a bit unnecessary and silly, especially when you consider the current state of the world. But, at... Continue Reading →

Decisions – how do you make yours?

Himself and I have a very different decision-making style. He's slow, steady & thorough. He researches a subject - any and every subject - to the death. Sure, when a subject needs investigating, I investigate - and I do so thoroughly but, after that, I'm ready to take a decision. In terms of time frame,... Continue Reading →

5 Tenets to live by

Some years ago, I read a tweet from a professor at Cambridge University which quoted 5 tenets to live by. The surprise was that he wasn't quoting a self-development guru, but Leo Esaki, Nobel Prize winning Physicist. I can't deny that I loved it even more because of this fact, for it reinforces my belief... Continue Reading →

An A-Z about Me, Myself and I

LA encouraged me to give it a go when I'd read both her's & Tater's A-Zs. Being a game gal, and as my mind tends to work in the A-Z structure anyway 'cos of the A2Z blogging challenges I keep participating in, I decided to give it my best shot.... A is for Alliterationof which... Continue Reading →

Foodie travel shows

I didn't grow up with a lot of confidence around cooking. Being brought up overseas, we had servants who did the cooking, and when my mother tried to teach me how to cook a curry in my later teens - we had a massive falling out. I eventually taught myself to cook after moving to... Continue Reading →

Things you see while driving….

April has been a busy old month in lots of ways, with the weather in my bit of the UK being largely clement whilst still offering us the "what season is it going to be this week" question in terms of temperature. Fortunately my wardrobe is small enough for nothing to get packed away. It's... Continue Reading →

On Hiatus for April A-Z

I'm taking part in the April A-Z blogging challenge on my life coaching site. The challenge is one I've taken part in many times before, but have usually been wise enough to prepare my posts in advance. This time, the decision was very last minute, meaning I need to take some time out. I hope... Continue Reading →

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