Debs (sometimes Debbie, occasionally Debra) Carey – daughter, sister, mother and recently grandmother. The first third of my life spent in the tropics, the remainder here – in England. An Indian national by birth, holder of first a British passport, then an EU one. I liked the look of the old blue one, but prefer the philosophy of the maroon one.

A life coach at Caring Coaching, as well as novice writer, book reviewer and occasional random scribbler, I’ve been tweeting as @debsdespatches for a little while, so decided it was time to pull my online presence together here.

A long-time lover of art and the arts, an Open University course sparked my interest in psychology and neuroscience naturally followed.  A life-long reader, I’ve recently found the time to start dabbling with bits and pieces of writing. I co-host Fiction Can Be Fun with David, aka @breakerofthings, and will be splitting my writing between the two.

I spend a lot of time wandering about the place snapping away with my camera. Live music, cinema and rugby sadly feature less than they used to.

Many of the areas I deal with in my life coaching practice – things like self-care and self-responsibility – have relevance to a wider audience, so I’ll reproduce some blogs posts here. For full details of my life coaching practice, please visit the dedicated site.

If you’d be interested in guest posting – on any subject – please do get in touch via my Contact page.