As it says on my tag line, I read, I write, I take photos, and I scribble about random stuff on my blog. I still work, having two part-time jobs, so end up working more than full-time.

I enjoy the scribbling and the interaction, but never seem to have enough time (or drive) to build a following. I read blogs I find interesting, regardless of whether I get followed back or not. Initially, I wrote about books, but seem to have ended up with a general interest, magazine type of format. That may change but, because I do this for fun, I don’t spend time planning the blog’s future.

As my old loves of live music, cinema and rugby no longer feature much in my life (and therefore in my blog), my new fascination as a long-time student of psychology and neuroscience – people and their behaviour – tends to be my focus. I still read prodigiously, but now squeeze in as much time as possible for photography with Himself, my constant companion. I both adore and am exhausted by my grandchildren – but their lives aren’t food for this blog. Otherwise, I love to discuss pretty much any other subject under the sun and consider myself lucky being able to indulge that here.

I also co-host Fiction Can Be Fun with David, aka @breakerofthings, where examples of my fictional writing can be found.

Professionally, an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach providing education, support & self-care options for those suffering from depression and anxiety. If this is you – or someone you know – you can find out more at Caring Coaching.

Let me leave you with this thought…

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