I’m Debs (or Deb, Debbie & occasionally Debra) Carey – and for 60 years, books have been a constant presence in my life. Despite this fact, the idea of writing anything never crossed my mind. Not till I reached my sixth decade that is, when I struck out on a life lived alone, joined a book club and took a home study University course.

At the book club, we not only discussed whether we liked a book or not, we analysed the why and how and what we liked (or disliked). At the same time, that University course re-introduced writing into my life, and I began to see the idea of the two things alongside each other.

Then I got cancer, and I found writing about my experience helpful. I just wrote, never showing anyone those words, but it got me into a regular writing practice and that – almost naturally – led to a blog. My first blog was anonymous but, after a couple of years, with greater confidence and with a drive to write fiction which would get published, I decided it was time to be brave and put my name to my blog.

And that’s how I got here.

Initially, I wrote about books, but slowly moved to a general interest, magazine type of format. Although my old loves of live music, cinema and rugby no longer feature much in my life, spending time with my grandchildren more than makes up for it, but I do love to discuss pretty much every subject under the sun, and get to indulge writing about random stuff here.

I am fascinating by people and their behaviour – a student of psychology and neuroscience – I still read prodigiously, but now squeeze in as much time as possible for photography with Himself, my constant companion.

I also co-host Fiction Can Be Fun with David, aka @breakerofthings, where examples of my fictional writing can be found.

Professionally, an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach providing education, support & self-care options for those suffering from depression and anxiety. If this is you – or someone you know – you can find out more at Caring Coaching.

Let me leave you with this thought…