IMGP7559It’s all about Books – always has been – the reading of them, the writing of them, the filling of multiple bookcases with them, the gifting of them …

I’m Debs (sometimes Deb or Debbie, occasionally Debra) Carey – and for 60 years, books have been a constant presence in my life.

I had my nose in a book throughout my childhood in the tropics, through my years at boarding school and during my early years working in London. For the years when I was a working mother, finding time to read was more challenging, but I returned to my first love as my daughter grew up and left home. Fiction suffered when I became a mature student; I still read a prodigious number of books, just on the subject of psychology, counselling, neuroscience, coaching and self-development, rather than the Booker shortlist.

A book reviewer and occasional random scribbler, I’ve been tweeting as @debsdespatches for a little while, so decided it was time to pull my online presence together here.

I also co-host Fiction Can Be Fun with David, aka @breakerofthings, where most examples of my fiction can be found.

I spend a lot of time wandering about the place snapping away with my camera. Live music, cinema and rugby sadly feature less than they used to, but spending time with my grandchild more than makes up for it.