Life is too short to…

.... keep saying "yes" when I want to say "no". I've become a lot better at saying "no" - although I can struggle when it's to those I love. We've all got To Do lists - and I'm willing to bet that some of them are absurdly long, even overloaded. But what about having a... Continue Reading →

I’m a sucker for Sleep Stories

For most of us, having a story read aloud to us is something last experienced in childhood. It's a wonderfully bonding experience between parent and child, helping a child wind down from the day and prepare for sleep. Later, once the child becomes able to read independently, this practice tends to cease. It's all part... Continue Reading →

When where you live doesn’t feel like Home

We've been having a relatively long-running neighbour dispute, despite being good at the rough & tumble which comes with the shared space aspect of apartment living. I won't go into the detail of the dispute, 'cos it's all a bit unnecessary and silly, especially when you consider the current state of the world. But, at... Continue Reading →

Decisions – how do you make yours?

Himself and I have a very different decision-making style. He's slow, steady & thorough. He researches a subject - any and every subject - to the death. Sure, when a subject needs investigating, I investigate - and I do so thoroughly but, after that, I'm ready to take a decision. In terms of time frame,... Continue Reading →

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