My book rating system …

I stole this idea from Em @ Pretty Lil Book Blog - for which my thanks - but I've also talked about it at my book club, so I decided to try and get it down on paper, especially as personal taste is really hard to quantify. I'm a fairly hard nut to crack in... Continue Reading →

What are you reading …?

Even in a period when my reading time is having to be strictly rationed (I'm doing an accelerated training course), I simply have to read. I know you'll understand that my fellow readers ... Now I'm normally a lover of big chunky books (I may have written about that before) but, under the circumstances, I've... Continue Reading →

Remember Las Vegas

Remember Paris? Remember Nice? Remember writing how those violent events made you feel? Remember being rebuked for those feelings, more specifically for not sharing similar thoughts and emotions about events in other parts of the world? Yup, me too ... But what about Las Vegas? What about this horrendous event which happened in the USA?... Continue Reading →

The other C word …

... cancer. When you've had cancer and been one of the fortunate ones, there's a feeling that you must make a difference, with how you make that difference being the only question. Like many of us, I flounder about in a variety of ways, but one of those ways is writing about it. And I... Continue Reading →

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