Banned Books …

This week is Banned Books week. I've always - somewhat naively no doubt - believed the books were predominantly banned for A Good Reason.  But, having taken a look at some of the books banned, all I can surmise is that my idea of A Good Reason and that of the various authorities who've been... Continue Reading →

The C word …

... by which I mean Christmas, of course. Except that it also seems to be a rude word when heard any earlier than November. But being an organised sort, I've started to browse a bit. I've been looking for inspired stocking fillers for Himself, who's incredibly difficult to shop for ... worse than any man... Continue Reading →

Photos of summer outings

Summer outings = military shows, at least they do with Himself ... Oh, we do fit in the odd trip to the seaside and up into the downs overlooking the coast but I'll not bore you with pictures of sandcastles and scenery. I'll jump straight in with a military show, but this one had a... Continue Reading →

Solar Eclipse

21st September 2034 Orviston, Northern America Continental colony, Earth I was not the only child born during the solar eclipse, so chances were good that I was not the only one who could do things that normal people could not. Only problem was, I'd not met another one yet ... See, in my rural community,... Continue Reading →

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