The C word …

… by which I mean Christmas, of course. Except that it also seems to be a rude word when heard any earlier than November.

But being an organised sort, I’ve started to browse a bit. I’ve been looking for inspired stocking fillers for Himself, who’s incredibly difficult to shop for … worse than any man I’ve ever known. Unfortunately, I outdid myself last year, so I’m obviously on a hiding to nothing this time round.

I’ve also been having a lurk on the Christmas threads at Mumsnet, although my absolute favourite – the Poncetastic Thread – is yet to start (25th September for those who might be interested). For those not in the know, a Poncey Christmas is one in which …

  • there is no tinsel, no matter what the colour
  • home-made wreaths abound
  • no supermarket short-cuts are used for the Day’s festive food
  • people homemake all the foodie goodies for the hampers they fill
  • decorations are handcrafted in every material known to man
  • having a colour theme is not considered anal
  • starting shopping in the New Year sales is consider wise not woeful

I’m pretty famous for my love of all things christmassy and have always planned for it, if quietly – for my daughter’s birthday is early December, and Christmas must not eclipse it. So when I first found my people online – oh, how it filled my heart.

I only have a small flat, but still I like to decorate it. I try to think of tweaks and variations so that I can ring the changes year-upon-year, but there are some things that are never changing. Despite being agnostic, one is my nativity set …IMGP0029-1
collected over the years, the all important trio were gifted to me by family. I’ve gathered a few bits & pieces over the years, although I only have one king, a couple of shepherds, and a single angel. It’s unlikely I’ll buy any more unless the Lottery win comes my way, nevertheless it makes me smile when I put it on display.

Speaking of colour themes – jewel colours can be a treat and pastel does look clean and classy but, for me, Christmas has to be bright (nativity apart). My preference is for red, white, gold and glass – the combination of a bright colour with snowy white, glittering gold and glass for the reflections. With lots and lots of white lights … although last year I did have some standalone red and green lights for glowing inside glass containers.

I don’t have space for a proper tree – either real or fake – and have decorated a small and modern wood alternative for a couple of years. Last year, the craving for a small real returned and although I resisted, I’m not sure for how much longer I can so do.

So, if you’re like me and prefer to plan in advance so it all goes smoothly on the Day, join me on the Mumsnet Christmas threads for some great ideas and resources.

Otherwise, feel free to harumph, avert your eyes … and enjoy the Christmas rush in December!


© Debra Carey, 2017

3 thoughts on “The C word …

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  1. ‘feel free to harumph’

    Thanks ! Harrumph! 🙂 (Despite enjoying the post)

    Properly speaking Christmas *begins* on the Eve, i.e. after 3.00pm on December 24th and ends with the Epiphany on January 6th. Muzak Christmas carols in shops in October is just *wrong*.

    Yes, I know that preparations have to be made and if one regularly ‘works’ over the Christmas period then it is even more important that proper preparations are made, and yes, the zeitgeist is against me, but … . I used to know somebody who made her mince pies and had them in the freezer in August, and she never looked _happy_. She seemed to be both harassed and fearful at the same time. And that is not what Christmas is all about.

    As for Himself, have you though about ?


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