Photos of summer outings

Summer outings = military shows, at least they do with Himself …

Oh, we do fit in the odd trip to the seaside and up into the downs overlooking the coast but I’ll not bore you with pictures of sandcastles and scenery.

I’ll jump straight in with a military show, but this one had a rather unusual flying display.

A Belgian first world war flying machine display. Cute huh? We also had a more modern sort of flying display …

There was also a surprisingly good selection of hats …


Then there’s the Tank Museum at Bovington in Dorset. Now, before you run away screaming, we do have a bit of Brad …

IMGP7810Yes, Brad Pitt! I know! There’s this film he made called “Fury”, the other star of which is the Tiger 131 … yes, sorry, that is a tank. And it’s not even the one that Brad drove, ‘cos it’s … you know, a German tank … and Brad was on the winning team. But the Tiger 131 was my first ever tank. Well, obviously I knew about tanks but, I’d never met one personally … until one summer day, Himself took me to it’s big outing. It was also the day I discovered that tank enthusiasts are demons for a photo. I used to be ever so polite and considerate, but what I learned that day about elbows and holding your space will surely be useful should I ever decide on a new career as papparazi .

So, you’re probably asking why is Tiger 131 such a star? I certainly was … and that’s one of the benefits of going to places like this with Himself. What he doesn’t know about things militaria could be written on the top of a pin, or the head of a match, or … I’m sure there’s a suitably military themed saying, but, it’s slips my mind and he’s not here to provide it. Anyhoo … back to Tiger 131. Well, the Tiger tank was the best tank made during WWII and surviving examples are rare as dodo droppings. And they used a real one in the film … hence the broohaha. If they’re the best tanks, why did so few survive do I hear someone asking at the back? Well, when I say the best tank, I mean in engineering terms. Like German cars, they are beautifully designed and constructed. So much so, that it took absolute eons to make them, whilst the Americans and Russians simply churned out the Sherman and the T34 (respectively) in such quantities that they overwhelmed the vastly superior Tiger. The current exhibition has examples of all the versions of the Tiger (including an Elephant – if you really want to know, ask me) but also has interviews with tank crews and other interested parties, which those of you who like your history to be a bit more personal will find illuminating.

And speaking of history with a more personal bent, we then visited a small village called Tyneham which is nearby and also right, bang, slap in the middle of a firing range. Obviously it wasn’t always …

It was one of many places evacuated during WWII as part of implementing coastal defences. Hard to defend the coast when it’s full of people – they might get in the way, get used as hostage, or even provide succour and support to the invaders. You can find places like this all over the place, I referred to one of them in my examination of “The Eagle Has Landed: how much fiction and how much fact” but there’s many more out there.

But let’s return to the subject of dressing up. I mean, who knew how much men loved it? Playing with their soldiers is one thing, but Military Odyssey takes this dressing up malarkey to a whole new level. Here’s some photos of WWII stuff where I had fun playing with my filters …

Here’s another bunch who – on a very hot weekend – upped the dressing up standard massively …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And this lot ran round a field fighting a battle. Mad as a box of frogs! At least the first lot only stood around posing, or doing what they like to call “living history”.

So, that’s a snapshot – or two – of my summer. How’s yours been? Any interesting tales to share?


© Debra Carey, 2017



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