Sing a Song of …?

Ever wondered what your choice in music says about you? No, I can't say I've given it much thought before either ... yet music has always mattered to me. I'm not a follower of fashion - which my choice clearly says 😉 I don't listen to music radio, so adding something new to my playlists... Continue Reading →

Saying sorry

Or how to do it properly ... I didn't learn how to make a proper apology till very late in life. I've been rubbish at it for most of my life, doing the equivalent of that small child being forced to say "I'm sorry" - even when I've truly felt it and meant it. Now... Continue Reading →

What’s Normal?

I once told Himself that he wasn't Normal. You may not be entirely surprised to hear it didn't go down well 😉 So I tried again, for I really & truly meant it as a compliment. My next suggestion was "not Ordinary" which was better received, but I was still getting some side-eye... What I'd... Continue Reading →

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