Getting to know me …

I hope I'm not so vain that I think you want to know that much about me, but I found some of these questions interesting, and I thought you might too. Not necessarily my answers, except when they make you think about your own. Anyway, here's part 2 ... 6. What's your dream job? I've... Continue Reading →

Getting to know me …

I spotted this idea on Twitter and thought it looked interesting. I started doing this as a single post, but I think I need to break it up a bit - there are 30 questions after all. Let's kick off with part 1 ... Explain your Twitter handle I started on Twitter with a handle... Continue Reading →

When not saying something can lead to regrets

I was having a little browse through the WordPress Discovery feature and came across a blog called The Death Project. Now, I'm not into misery memoirs or the like, but good quality writing about handling the shitty stuff in life can be inspirational. Unexpectedly, what struck a very personal chord with me were not her... Continue Reading →

In 2018 I will …

Carve out a regular writing slot during my weekdays and protect it I've thought long and hard about this one. I rejected joining the 365k writing club because I know that's not what I'm looking for. I like weekends. I like the fact that they're different from the working day. It's possible that I might... Continue Reading →

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