Getting to know me …

I spotted this idea on Twitter and thought it looked interesting. I started doing this as a single post, but I think I need to break it up a bit – there are 30 questions after all.

Let’s kick off with part 1 …

  1. Explain your Twitter handle
    I started on Twitter with a handle specific to my being a Life Coach (@debscaringcoach), but started to use Twitter far more for writing, reading and general chit-chat, so wanted something a bit more generic. The first bit was easy – Debs – ‘cos it’s my name, after which I scribbled down a few words I felt went with Debs which started with the same letter – ‘cos I love a bit of alliteration, and there you have it – DebsDespatches.
  2. Who inspires you and why?
    I’m 60, so a lot of people have inspired me over time. My father inspired me when I was young, teaching me by example about hard work and ethics, but balancing it with humour and sarcasm. Georgie was a huge inspiration to me in my early twenties. She linked professionalism to personality-with-a-capital-P.  She had wild curly hair, a wacky dress sense, road a motorbike and was studying with the Open University. She was her own woman and she was proud of being so. As a catholic girl born in the 50s, there was no expectation I could be anything other than a wife and mother, and although I knew in my heart that was wrong, Georgie was my first trail blazer. They’ve been other since then – many of them – and I’m sure there’ll be lots more.
  3. Do you care what others think of you?
    In all honesty – yes, I do. I really and truly prefer to be liked. But whilst I know rationally that not everyone will, I’m slowly learning to be OK with that. I’m also practising not giving a damn about the opinions of those for whom I have no respect. That’s been a long hard road, and I’ve still a way to go. It’s not easy breaking the lifelong habit of people pleasing.
  4. What are you most looking forward to?
    Hmmm … well I don’t have a bucket list or the like, so this one wasn’t immediately obvious. Professionally I’d say having a steady life coaching practice, with enough regular clients to allow me to work voluntarily with those unable to afford support. The writerly me would like to produce a finished manuscript that I’m proud of. It being published would be massive – a real dream come true – but the first bit matters more … surprisingly. Personally, I’m looking forward to watching my granddaughter grow up. Her parents are wonderful people – gorgeous, kind, fun, hardworking and creative – and she is already showing signs of being an entirely engaging individual. I know how much pleasure I’ve gained from watching my daughter grow into the amazing young woman she is now, and I’d love to watch her having the same experience.
  5. What is one life rule you follow?
    Be kind. At least that’s the one I always aim for. Of course, it’s not easy, as it’s so important to be honest. But you can deliver bad news and unwelcome facts kindly. It isn’t kind to avoid telling the truth when the other person needs to hear it.


I didn’t immediately have answers to all these questions, so the process of sitting down to see what came out has been unexpectedly enjoyable and illuminating. I’d really love to hear your answers – if you’ve a mind to share them!


© Debra Carey, 2018

7 thoughts on “Getting to know me …

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  1. Fascinating list of questions. I think that I would have liked to meet Georgie along the way, too. I can understand how she’d be a good influence on you. I’ve had no one like that in my life. Yet…

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  2. Thanks Ally. I don’t really do regrets, but if I had one, it would be that I never realised at the time what a great impact she had on me. I wish we’d kept in touch but I can’t even remember her surname now … I’d love to thank her, and to she how she’s giving maturity a good kicking!


  3. Crikey, I have been sloppy in reading & answering my comments – sorry Alan! But the question could be read as “if you were on Twitter, what handle would you choose & why?”


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