Getting to know me …

I hope I’m not so vain that I think you want to know that much about me, but I found some of these questions interesting, and I thought you might too. Not necessarily my answers, except when they make you think about your own.

Anyway, here’s part 2 …

6. What’s your dream job?

I’ve spent most of my life reacting. I’ve never actually sat down and thought about what I wanted to do, what my dream anything was. When I first started to work, there seemed to be loads of time for all that … But things happen, and you react to them, and you’re grateful to be earning a living, providing for your family and, before you know it, you’re not just all grown-up but a lot older than most people who’re thinking about what their dream job might be. Looking at it another way – what might it have been? I enjoyed working in the world of advertising’s client management and I’m pretty confident that would’ve been a path I’d happily have followed if life hadn’t changed my direction. And if I’d ‘found’ psychology earlier, I’ve no doubt it would’ve proven to be other than the most fulfilling of careers. But there’s still time and I believe Life Coaching will give me the opportunity to help people change their lives. And that’s all I’ve ever wanted really … to make a difference. Of course, being a published author with critical acclaim and huge sales isn’t something I’d kick to the kerb if it came my way!

7.  Which fictional character do you wish you could meet?

It came as a surprise to me to discover that there isn’t anyone. There are fictional characters that I love, but I love them exactly where I met them – in books. I like them in their story, surrounded by their story’s fellow characters. I’ve never wanted to be them, or wanted to be “in” their lives. Books and stories are wonderful – a refuge, an inspiration, an education, but the only people I aspire to meet are real.

8.  As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I remember first being asked this question when on a retreat with my catholic boarding school at around age 12. I don’t believe I’d been asked that question before and I don’t recall being asked it again until I approached my exams. Even then, it was more what exams I was going to take at the next level that was the focus, for nice catholic girls didn’t have careers. Well, apart from the really clever ones and those who were going to be doctors or lawyers. I answered the question as if I was even younger – I said I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Even then, I had wonky eyesight, so that was never any sort of possibility. And I’ve no idea where it came from. My being difficult probably …

9.  If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

I’d like to think I’d be one of the flashy flying-about type but, in truth, I’d be more of an organiser. I’d be the one who got things done. Maybe Susan Storm – with the power of invisibility, she provided support to her husband, her brother and her friend – the other members of the Fantastic Four.  I’d probably like to be Daria – you know, smart and snarky …

10.  What skill would you like to master?

Oh gosh, so many! Right at the moment, probably baking. My other half loves to bake but tells me that sourdough is a pain. But I prefer sourdough as it’s so much easier on my digestion. Then I looked at the process and he’s right – as always – it is a pain, but it’s still something I’d like to do … and do well, of course!


So, another five on the getting to know me/myself/you/yourself road …  These ones were even more interesting – to me. What about you? Good questions, interesting answers, anything you’d like to share?


© Debra Carey, 2018

6 thoughts on “Getting to know me …

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  1. Interesting tidbits about you. I think I’ve had my dream job (working for myself from home doing transcription work for 17+years). I’d like to meet Sherlock Holmes and Miss Jane Marple. It seems like I’ve always wanted to be a nurse and while I didn’t quite make that, medical assisting was a fine substitute. I don’t really read cartoons so that’s a hard one for me. Skill? Maybe writing, if that’s a skill. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Janet, lovely to see you here & thank you for your responses to the questions. I’m *hugely* envious of your dream job and that you’ve had it for so long. I’m guessing your “who you’d like to meet” reflects your reading preferences? And, you know, I did think about saying writing as the skill but I’d just been challenged to join someone in their sourdough baking endeavours so it was on my mind! Thank you for sharing yours. Whilst I learn a lot about myself doing these type of questions, I always find reading others answers more fun.


  3. Go figure indeed Ally! Yet, me with my wonky eyesight and total inability to do mental arithmetic, I was going to make a *great* fighter pilot. Like they say in the North of England: “nowt so odd as folk”.

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