Questions about books

My thanks to the Orangutan Librarian for the following questions ... What book has been on your shelf the longest? Nothing has been there that long for, having travelled across three continents and downsized dramatically over the past 10 years, not much has survived. The oldest are Centennial and Chesapeake - both by James Michener - great big lumps of... Continue Reading →

The stereotyping of Pink

How do you feel about the colour Pink? Has it become horribly stereotyped as being all about girliness, of being a princess, or ... does it signify breast cancer awareness or support? Or is it just a colour which you either like or don't? When my granddaughter was born, the "no pink" message was spread... Continue Reading →

#IWSG: The start of my writing journey

The Insecure Writers Support Group is a marvellous group set up by Alex Cavanagh. On the first Wednesday of every month, members post thoughts, fears or words of encouragement for fellow writers. The link above takes you to details about the group and how to join. You'll also find a list of bloggers signed up... Continue Reading →

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