What five things would you save from a fire?

Your home is on fire – assuming all loved ones (people and animals) are safe, what five items would you save?

I saw this question asked somewhere the other day and thought it was interesting as, in practical terms, it would probably be passport, wallet, phone, car keys and a warm coat, but in terms of emotional connection and things I would be seriously distressed to lose –  that choice would be very different. I’ve stretched a point in my choices somewhat, with multiple items appearing as one choice, as well as knowing I’d not be able to carry them all out in one go.

  1. The ring I was given for my 21st birthday. A chunky lump of gold, containing the impression of Indian goddess Lakshmi – this was a gift to my mother on her wedding day from her father’s business partner, and was worn by me during my teenage years. Whenever I flew back to boarding school, I had to present my hands to check I’d left the ring behind (and I always did) and only when I returned home for the holidays would it be placed upon my hands once more. I begged for it as my 21st gift only to receive a firm no … but the last thing I opened was a card in which my mother had written “… and your last gift is already on your finger”.
  2. Four watercolours my daughter painted and had framed for me. They’re very simple sketches, of flower stems, colour washed in muted shades of pink and green. She insisted on selecting the frames herself and I’ve had to admit her choice is spot on for they complement the paintings perfectly.
  3. The first quilt my daughter handmade for me – one small single-sized – which was produced during an art installation entitled Water – Colour. This event combined my daughter’s twin passions of environmental sustainability and textiles. One hundred metres of silk were dyed in an old laundry building and then made into 25 quilts. It is beautifully lightweight, and I often layer it on top of other bedlinen, keeping it close to my face.
  4. Another quilt my daughter handmade – this time a double – patchwork in navy and red tones and which gets thrown onto our bed when the weather first turns cold. I love to layer it on top of the white bedlinen I bought for myself as an indulgence when I first started to live alone, shortly after my 50th birthday. Those years I spent on my own in my little flat were some of the happiest ever, despite including the year I was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer.
  5. The little bookcase/bureau that my dear friend banjoed (slang for handpainted and decoupaged) for me. It was an item she had knocking around in her spare room but had decided she’d no room for it. I admired it only to have her offer it to me. Apart from telling her which room I planned to keep it in, she made all the other decorative choices herself, with me and my taste in mind. It’s an absolutely beautiful one-off piece, and I truly love it.

What would your five items be? 

© Debra Carey, 2020

7 thoughts on “What five things would you save from a fire?

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  1. The two binders containing all our information, my computer (pictures) box with photo albums, and my fave earrings and my fave purse

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  2. Time permitting: an old family plate that has sentimental value to me, my engagement ring, my dark glasses, my purse with my wallet in it, and the file with all our important info in it. Time not permitting: the last one for sure, second to last one if posssible.

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  3. I always have my wedding rings on so I don’t have to worry about them. My laptop, the box with our important papers, my wallet, the binder with the bills (for account and phone numbers), my glasses. If I had a couple extra minutes, some of the photo albums.

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  4. Like LA, you’ve gone for a lovely combination of practical with the loved. Now I’m having to ask myself why wasn’t I able to do that? 😀

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  5. Hi Janet, yes wearing your treasured jewellery is perfect. I stopped wearing my treasured ring as it’s a little too big for one finger and far too small for the other, so has fallen off a couple of times and I couldn’t find it for ages as a result. I don’t want to risk that happening again 🙂 My photos are all saved digitally these days and, although I copy them to a backup drive, I really must put copies on the Cloud for proper safe keeping & retrieval should the worst happen.

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