Facing the Fear

I've been doing some business networking for a while now. Despite being a social being, it's not something I particularly enjoy, as I hate the whole elevator pitch thing. But the more I've done it, the easier I've found it. Mind you, shaking from head to toe while trying desperately to read from a printed... Continue Reading →

Feeling the Fear

The other night, Himself set up a film for us to watch which he told me he'd seen reviewed in a particular national newspaper about the burgeoning Irish film industry. I don't know what I expected - other than humour - and while that was certainly present, so were vampires... Now I have long chosen... Continue Reading →

How I write

I've been reading about bloggers having struggles with writing during the pandemic's changes and, despite being fortunate in not having to share my working space with anyone, it gave me pause to review my own process for I've long struggled with trying to carve out a writing routine. Naturally a night owl, my life is... Continue Reading →

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