Feeling the Fear

The other night, Himself set up a film for us to watch which he told me he’d seen reviewed in a particular national newspaper about the burgeoning Irish film industry. I don’t know what I expected – other than humour – and while that was certainly present, so were vampires

Now I have long chosen not to watch horror movies, yet the people pleaser in me has nevertheless ended up seeing a surprising number. While I enjoy the humour, in the immediate aftermath I am taken back to my childhood fear of the dark <shudder> I got the creeps that night while turning out the lights, and had to force myself not to run to the bedroom.

As a child, our ayah (Indian nanny) ensured our good behaviour at bedtime with tales of the bogeyman. It wasn’t great for sleep, but I did stay quiet – rendered shock still in bed by the least unidentified sound, shadow or movement. That fear was cemented when I started boarding school and had to walk through the convent’s dark shadowy cloisters, then through a dank underground tunnel with timer controlled lights to get to the dormitories. As I joined mid-year and didn’t know people, I often made the journey alone. My mother sending me outside near midnight to check she’d locked the car immediately after she’d had me watch the shower scene in Psycho with her was another memorable moment.

Fortunately the fear doesn’t last long and, as it’s only triggered by something like this film, it doesn’t limit me.  I’ll happily walk down dark streets and use underground car parks at night for instance. I know I’ve always had a very lively imagination, and feel this is a small price to pay for that.

Himself still has a higher price to pay as I found that article he read – where the headline included the words horror and vampire…

Did you have a childhood fear? Does it still pop up from time-to-time? More importantly, how should Himself be made to suffer? 😉 

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  1. A few hours watching some costume drama movie would be perfect punishment for Himself. Something by Jane Austen, or perhaps a few episodes of Bridgerton.

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  2. I’m bothered more about the anecdote about your mother than what Himself put you through! My primary childhood fear was mostly about school bullies — real and imagined. Thankfully, I had very little actual involvement with any, but the thoughts were constant in my head. – Marty

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  3. I’m terrified of the ocean. And lakes and rivers. Any body of water deep enough or muddy enough that I can’t see the bottom, and I start imagining all sorts of horrible creatures that might be swimming around down there.

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  4. Ha ha! You’re right Marty, that was a far scarier occasion 😀 When that memoir finally gets finished, there’ll be a few more anecdotes of that type.

    I was fortunate in school in that I never attracted the attention of bullies. Indeed, the only occasion I saw evidence of bullying was from teacher to pupil which was a horrible abuse of power.

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  5. Gosh James, that must be troublesome – unless you live well inland. Fortunately I don’t have that problem being a long-time water baby, but I’ve plenty of other fears (heights, falling, rodents just to name a few!).

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  6. LA, so sorry – I thought I’d replied to this one. I share your fear of heights & falling, I don’t like roller coasters either but that’s more to do with the motion sickness. A friend of mine was scared of them but had her fear cured during our NLP training together. If you’d like to change it, seek out an NLP Practitioner and ask about the Phobia Cure. I had it done for my rodent phobia, and it worked wonderfully well.

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  7. Actually…I’ve been diagnosed with migraines. I’m supposed to avoid things like this that could bring on an attack. I have exercise to deal with motion sickness on escalators and such, but as for rides…avoidance

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  8. Good point. Very good point in fact. My apologies, I’d forgotten about your inner ear issues until I woke up this morning with severe vertigo myself.

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