I’m moving!

The blog stays put, it's just me (and Himself) who are relocating. I'll be absent for a few weeks while we get moved out and settled in - enjoy the next few weeks of summer - and I'll see you on the flip side!    

Summer reading lists

I keep seeing these around, wondering why I don't get the concept. I tried reading seasonally appropriate books in the run up to Christmas one year and really enjoyed it, but summer reading lists aren't filled with tales of folk going on holiday, nor books based in holiday destinations, so what's it all about -... Continue Reading →

The Big Bang Theory

After 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory is over. When the final episode aired earlier this year, Himself and I joined crowds of fans who watched, hoping it would bring a favourite series to the right close. Long story short - I believe it did. I'm not going to talk about that ending here, in... Continue Reading →

Educated & Hillbilly Elegy

Educated - After reviewing my stats for 2018, I felt there weren't enough reads I'd loved enough to wave the four or five star paddle, so I decided to pull out some big guns to start the year with this one which came recommended by none other than Barack Obama. This tale of Tara -... Continue Reading →

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