The Big Bang Theory

After 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory is over. When the final episode aired earlier this year, Himself and I joined crowds of fans who watched, hoping it would bring a favourite series to the right close. Long story short – I believe it did.

I’m not going to talk about that ending here, in case you’ve yet to see it. Rather, in considering why it was so loved by many, I ended up identifying why it’s so loved in my home.

When I met Himself some years ago via online dating, he told me that my liking of TBBT’s humour was something he found attractive. Being entirely honest, I’ve often wondered what drew him to me, as we’re very different – in terms of personality, interests, background, upbringing … so a shared love of TBBT is as good a basis for our relationship as any other. And there are parallels a-plenty …

He’s smart, has two degrees, an extraordinary memory for arcane facts, is fascinated by how things work, has only a few close friends and no family ties, routine and order governs how he lives, so yes – he’s somewhere on the scale. He is decidedly not politically correct, but can also be so downright silly that I’ve laughed till completely and utterly helpless – all of which, I’d say, makes him a composite of TBBT’s male characters.

I’m smart too, if entirely lacking in academic rigour and qualifications, I thought I had a good memory till I met him, when I realised that my memory is more people and behaviour focussed than facts and figures related. Learning how things work can have me going “gosh, how interesting” but how people work – now that’s fascinating and hard-wired into my memory banks. I’m close to my family and quite the social butterly – so nowhere on the scale. In fact, when I read a book described as the Asperger’s Bible, it described someone like me as the perfect mate for an Aspie. In terms of TBBT’s female characters, I’d say I’m a composite too – as bossy as Bernadette, as insecure as Amy, and as sociable as Penny.

So TBBT has been a larger part of my life than most TV programmes which means I’m even more glad it was handled well, respectfully, and tied things up beautifully. And yes, it was time it ended, before we all started to yawn and think it’s lost its way – I’m looking at you NCIS …

If TBBT featured big in your life too – come share your stories …

© Debra Carey, 2019

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  1. I like how you see yourself in TBBT. I feel the same way, too. In fact I wrote a post about TBBT right before its last episode because we truly enjoyed the show, too. The characters seemed familiar to me in a way that rarely happens. Plus the writing was sharp.

    I related to Penny, on her own, struggling to find her place in the world, surrounded socially by brainiacs. My husband was Leonard, book smart with a high EQ but with distant unsupportive parents. Penny and Leonard’s relationship reminded me of our own when we were first starting out– which was part of the appeal of the show for me.

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  2. I think most everyone can find a piece of themselves in that show. I’m a bit like Amy (not of the popular crowd in high school) and my husband, while he would not admit it, has some of Sheldon’s idiosyncrasies. It was a great show.

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  3. Ally, I now have a picture of you & Z-D in my head as Penny & Leonard – which I’m finding rather lovely lens through which to view your blog 🙂

    I caught up with your TBBT post while you were on hiatus and liked it very much. There’s no doubt it inspired me to give thought to writing my own. I love the Penny-isms you highlighted – the ‘I go outside and mix with people’ one in particular (although I’m paraphrasing a bit!)


  4. Janet, I agree that those of us who love TBBT definitely see a bit of ourselves in one or more of the characters. I guess that’s why it’s been so loved – although the excellent writing certainly helped too!

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  5. This was the best sitcom that I watched without failed and enjoyed every scene. Not only it was funny but informative with real scientific facts as well. Me and my son who are also big fan of Star Wars, Star Trek and Indiana Jones can truly relate well with these 4 guys and understand when Penny don’t get the jokes or the things that makes the guys to go crazy.

    I watched every one of the episodes when it was first aired on cable and with re-runs, I am enjoying it with the same feeling I had when I first watched the episodes. Some of the jokes can never get old.


  6. BJoe, I totally agree with you. It’s the best thing comedy/sitcom I’ve seen on TV – and I’m not a scientist. I think it was important that they added Penny to get the “real world” “ordinary Joe” point of view as a counterpoint to their smarts.


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