2020: A Reading Review

Last year was a weird year for many reasons, but what I didn't expect was how much of an negative impact it would have on my reading. In all honesty, the numbers don't matter a jot, for everyday life will always have an impact on the amount of time each of us have for reading.... Continue Reading →

Design your Dream Home

When you get the opportunity to design a home, it tends to be about the practicalities - the space available, potential restrictions on materials and style of building, needs versus wants, and of course - cost. Rather than being practical, I thought I'd talk about those aspects of homes I've seen in the past which... Continue Reading →

What I learned from Downton Abbey …

Himself & I came late to the Downton Abbey party. Before we became a couple, I'd watched a couple of episodes and decided it had potential, but life took a turn... and I forgot. But after a run of particularly violent and gory films (I may have mentioned I'd not seen Tarantino's famed offerings), Himself... Continue Reading →

Personal blogging Rules

And so starts a new year... Does it look much different to the last one? Well, yes & no to quote my old friend Noel. Yes - in that we'd no idea at this time last year what we were heading for, and No - in that there's already a lot which is familiar from... Continue Reading →

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