Wake up and…?

I keep seeing stuff about the morning routines of the rich or successful or famous. I'm presuming their aim is to suggest that we, mere mortals 🙂 can emulate them in becoming as rich or successful or famous as they by aping their routines. If so, I think it might take a bit more than... Continue Reading →

So we had a few days holiday…

We built it around a military history event which we've been to for many a year now (before the time which will not be mentioned), and were looking forward to catching up with some re-enactor friends there. We booked the remaining days of our long weekend away with various other activities before setting off. During... Continue Reading →

A Bookish A-Z

I saw this on someone's blog (I cannot now remember where) but thought it would be a good way to get me back into the blogging routine after my little break 🙂 Author You’ve Read the Most Books From: The author of my comfort reads - Dick Francis. I've read every book he wrote -... Continue Reading →

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