So we had a few days holiday…

We built it around a military history event which we’ve been to for many a year now (before the time which will not be mentioned), and were looking forward to catching up with some re-enactor friends there. We booked the remaining days of our long weekend away with various other activities before setting off. During Thursday’s visit to the Morgan sports car factory, we heard a report on the factory radio that the Queen was ailing. As the visit went on, we heard the growing build-up, until the sad news was finally confirmed that evening in our hotel.

Overnight, we got alerts – one after another – that the things we’d booked were being cancelled as a mark of respect. Understandable certainly, but what a time for deciding on non-flexible hotel booking. Of course we made alternative plans, yet it felt a weird time to be away. In some places, black armbands were much in evidence and strangers sought to talk to one another – in others, life appeared to be going on as normal.

With a dodgy back and knee, I’d made a couple of requests of Himself when booking the hotel, asking for either a ground floor room or a hotel with a lift. In order to achieve the first in the lack of the second, we ended up with an “accessible” room. Apart from the bed and a single chair, there was literally no other furniture in the room. As Himself set to unpacking, he found a button and, curious to discover what it did, he pushed it. Yes, it was the disabled “I’ve fallen” alarm….

Our accessible room also had a wet room – except it was so wet, it made the edge of the bedroom carpet damp the sole time I used it, because the slope was pointing the wrong way. And did I mention the bed was so low it was virtually on the floor? It seemed too low even for a wheelchair user, let alone any able bodied companion. On departure, both our backs were struggling from the constant fight to get out of the bed – mine even more so, as Himself bagged the sole chair πŸ˜‰ For some reason, the room made us hysterical and we giggled at the least thing for days – which was a good thing as nothing went to plan….

Deciding to do a bit of street photography so I could use my new compact camera, we drove to Chester to visit a highly rated indoor market – only to discover it was almost 75% derelict. No idea who took those oh-so flattering photos and wrote those week-old 5-star reviews. The small zoo we tried to visit closed unexpectedly because planned building work had scared the animals back into their cages πŸ˜€ Another small venue we tried to find turned out to have been sold, and was now a brand new housing development πŸ˜‰ Yes, it was that sort of holiday….

Our favourite Chinese restaurant was closed – being very small, it probably didn’t survive Covid. We were sad to see it go, as the front-of-house was a terrifically bossy old woman, who took to Himself as he’d actually travelled in China, and would indicate which dishes were good to order by the merest flicker of her face. Fortunately, we did find somewhere to have a fabulous curry. In the UK, Indian restaurants are actually owned and staffed by Bangladeshis, so I was delighted to see that this one flew it’s flag proudly – calling itself ‘Bangla Pride’. In the unlikely event you find yourself in Telford, I can highly recommend it! πŸ˜€

So, we’re back home, and oh so happy to have our comfy bed back! πŸ˜€

Any holiday or hotel hell stories to share – be they funny, horrid or plain weird?

Β© Debra Carey, 2022

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  1. Oh, that is a bummer. You took it with better humor than I probably would have: “Seventy years on the throne and you couldn’t have lasted one more week?!”

    We don’t travel much, but back when we went to London, we stayed in an older house that had been turned into a hotel. On the third floor, which had settled into a nice slope. We both kept feeling like we were going to roll off the right side of the bed. Spouse slept on that side, though, so I would have at least had a nice cushion when I landed.

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  2. There was the time we stayed in a hotel on the Oregon coast and, assuming we had the pool to ourselves, I did a private striptease for Tara. Only to learn upon checkout that the front desk had cameras aimed directly at the spot where I’d slipped out of my swimming trunks, and full access to closed-circuit video.


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  3. It sounds like everything went wrong. But, as Autumn said, you took it with good humor. And you always have the consolation of being able to write about it. I hope you will have a chance for another trip soon. A trip where everything goes right.

    I’m trying to think of a trip gone wrong. The first ones that come to mind are trips with transportation problems. The time in Hong Kong when I sent my mom off to the US and then missed my flight back to the Philippines (my own fault). I found a hotel room that was too cold and I couldn’t figure out how to fix the air conditioning. And then there was the blizzard in Philadelphia and all the flights cancelled.

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  4. Autumn, I cannot deny that I thought exactly that. But I know what happens when something gets put off for too long, so I was kinda expecting it.

    Your London hotel sounds ghastly, but well done to Andy for his gentlemanly sacrifice πŸ˜€

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  5. Oh The Queue! There certainly been considerable pride taken in the British willingness and ability to queue. A couple of popular TV presenters have taken quite the social media beating because they didn’t queue, but got let in ahead like other journalists. It’ll be interesting to see how lasting the impact will be on their careers.

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  6. Ooooooh Mark! You win, hands down if I may say so πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  7. Nicki, we rarely get to go away together (last one was five years ago) as Himself is somewhat work-obsessed. I’m always happy with a little break at home, reading my books and pottering about without any time pressure.

    Hotel rooms with temperature control problems are the bits. I recall a cold one which was simply miserable. I feel for you.


  8. Well this is lousy for you and Himself, but at least you got a post out of it. So many not right things when everything is supposed to be going right, not good.

    We’ve had many “less than” hotel accommodations and one downright “wrong” one in Hawaii. Our room in a Marriott was over the karaoke bar, which it being Maui, the screeching went on all night. Then we went to breakfast and were served CANNED PINEAPPLE… in Maui… the land of pineapple trees… and fresh pineapple.

    I was furious, so we checked out days early and found ourselves a better place to stay, a quiet Hilton with copious amounts of FRESH FRUIT.

    First world problem, yes. BUT for the amount we were paying I wanted what I wanted.

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  9. Jane, I’m monitoring the situation in case it provides blog post fodder πŸ˜€


  10. Ally, I have a troubled relationship with the Universe sometimes, but even I was surprised at their being able to swing the Queen! πŸ˜€ The thing is, Himself & I just enjoy being together so, once he got over the stress that his carefully laid plans had been trashed, we were able to relax and enjoy what was still possible, and laugh at the rest.

    Your Maui hotel experience sounds vile. And I can feel – positively viscerally – the last straw-ness of that canned pineapple.


  11. Autumn, I did mean my comment to apply to our long awaited holiday, but it applied equally to HMQ’s departure (although don’t let any royalists hear me say that or I’m toast! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ )


  12. I’m glad you were able to laugh at the room. We had a “wet room” kind of experience like that once in a hotel. I could never figure out how to use it without getting the entire place full of water! – Marty

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  13. You gotta laugh, haven’t you πŸ˜€ Nothing you were doing wrong Marty, bad design is the problem. A friend of mine used to do up houses for a living, and I learned a lot from her & her builders.

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  14. Oh what a shame! Agree about the absurdity of stuff that was cancelled because of the Queen (and I’m a Brit!) Our birdwatching walk went ahead but a friend’s sailing race was cancelled (stf?) Sorry to hear you didn’t like Chester – we recently had a lovely day there (admittedly the weather was lovely) following the self guided Roman trail

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  15. Caroline, we did like Chester itself – lovely town, great Roman walls, great gothic cathedral, nice olde worlde streets with interesting shops – it was only the indoor market which was horribly oversold. The rest I would totally re-visit – indeed, we have a loose plan to go to the zoo (for the Red Pandas) so will probably stay a while for the city too.


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