Oh England, my England!

A couple of week ago, the country marked the 80th anniversary of the WW2 raid on the dams of the Ruhr valley - made famous in the film The Dam Busters. With it's iconic theme music that's hummed loudly on football terraces all over the UK whenever they happen to come up against a German... Continue Reading →

I’ve an ethical conundrum…

After completing my professional training, I tried out membership of various different governing bodies. After a year, I picked one which is NLP-specific rather than a broader coaching one, because I'm pretty passionate about NLP, and was keen to be part of an organisation that aims to spread the good word about how great it... Continue Reading →

So Wednesday came and went…

only for me to - finally - work out what was missing. Yeah. I hadn't scheduled or published a blog post. I've a number of posts in draft, in various stages of W-I-P, where I hone, craft, fiddle about with, and wonder whether I want to finish... you get the picture. And I think I... Continue Reading →

Too hot, too cold, or just right…

A coaching friend of mine recently re-worked the children's tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except her three bears went by the name of Bear All, Bare All and Wisdom Bear. I know that I'm Bear All by nature, and am working to be more Wisdom Bear. I've tried on Bare All to see... Continue Reading →

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