On the edge

Here we are, in the sixth week of lock-down in the UK, and the government's chief scientific officer has gone on record that we will need some form of social distancing regulations till at least the end of the year. I'm sure this wasn't news anyone wanted to hear - be that personally or professionally... Continue Reading →

Covid-19: A Very British Hero

As a counterpoint to last week's somewhat ranty post about Covid-19, this week I felt the need to balance it out by talking about Captain Tom Moore. Tom Moore - currently 99 years of age - recently had a hip replacement operation from the UK's wonderful, if struggling, National Health Service (NHS). Tom decided to... Continue Reading →


I've largely avoided discussing our current strange times but, recently watched a TV programme during which were advertisements from the following : a company selling beds a major bank a well-known manufacturer of tea two major television companies, one of which is funded directly by UK public's payment of an annual licence fee Just to... Continue Reading →

Virtual Life

I don't know about you but my social media timelines are filled with people taking their professional lives online. There's been a particular explosion of people talking about tools and training for supplying your products and services via an online platform. I'm a long-time home worker, with my professional life split between a small IT... Continue Reading →

#IWSG: April 2020

The Insecure Writers Support Group is a marvellous group set up by Alex Cavanagh. On the first Wednesday of every month, members post thoughts, fears or words of encouragement for fellow writers. The link above takes you to details about the group and how to join. You'll also find a list of bloggers signed up... Continue Reading →

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