Bluebird and the Vulcan

If you're reading this expecting a story about a random feathered creature and some relative of Mr Spock, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint. The Bluebird in question (for yes, it does unquestionably have a capital letter) is the one which crashed in 1967, killing Donald Campbell during his final attempt to break (his own)... Continue Reading →

Accountability – do you do it properly?

After the madness that was A-Z April, I decided I needed to do something to keep track of my writing, otherwise it would just drift in my ever-overwhelming mass of priorities. I signed up to #AccountaClub on Isa-Lee Wolf's website where we gather and report on our progress (or lack of) on writing projects -... Continue Reading →


A Day to Celebrate those who Love Books eh? Tomorrow is #BookLoversDay ... and I tried to think of a witty quotation or amusingly appropriate meme. Having struggled for an absurd amount of time, I decided on this one ... "Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?" - Henry Ward Beecher I'm... Continue Reading →

Where do you go to take photos?

The bloke and I were chatting about opportunities for taking photos this weekend. It's (still) sunny and very hot, and he had a couple of suggestions for me. The first was a jousting festival - with costumes, colour and activity it has all the obvious photo potential. The second was not so obvious - evening... Continue Reading →

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