Accountability – do you do it properly?

After the madness that was A-Z April, I decided I needed to do something to keep track of my writing, otherwise it would just drift in my ever-overwhelming mass of priorities. I signed up to #AccountaClub on Isa-Lee Wolf’s website where we gather and report on our progress (or lack of) on writing projects – and any other life stuff that needs effort and progress.

For a Life Coach, I have to admit that I’m pretty rubbish at self-accountability. The real problem – as Himself is prone say – is I’m too scattered. I’ve way too many fingers in way too many pies (I wish they were actual pies rather than metaphorical ones, but hey, ain’t that always the way). But, returning to the point at hand – I’m not scattered-brained or scatty, rather it’s that age old story of too much to do and not enough time. When you’re in the position of trying to find the time for responsibilities and passions, and you’re not in your first flush of youth, you become even more determined to get it all in.

I recently spoke to a potential client who was suffering from scattered focus. I empathised with her – a little too much – which made me think about how I would coach myself. I’d love for there to be a tool or a technique which would sort the problem, but the bottom line is … there is no magic bullet. The simple answer is prioritising – and from both the perspective of coach and individual – I know this is never welcome (we want it all and we want it now). But once you bite the bullet, it’s like all really tough stuff – it’s do-able.

Thinking that by signing up for #AccountaClub I’d solve my juggling problem was an act of faith and hope, rather than of action and setting priorities. And you know what, I almost never checked in on a Friday to see what was going on in other #AccountaClub member’s worlds … so let alone being worse than useless in support mode, I never gave myself the time to check on how things were going in mine either.

If you don’t do accountability properly, it can end up being just one more stick to beat yourself with. Accountability – done properly – is a hugely valuable tool. It offers you the time and space to focus on yourself, on those things that you want to do for you, those things that feed your soul and fill up your tank. Then, if you’ve responsibilities to fulfill and people to please, you’re doing it from a place of high energy and enthusiasm.

Today’s lesson? Life coach, coach thyself!

© Debra Carey, 2018

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  1. Donna, hi & thank you 🙂 Spending time with the grandkids is the best reason ever to skip #AccountaClub. I’ll allow myself that, but nothing else in future weeks. 🙂


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