Let’s talk about Socks baby …

I'm one of those women who've always suffered with cold feet. From the time I left life in the tropics, I've always needed to keep my extremities warm - hands, feet and neck. When the temperatures really plummet, I'll even put on a hat. I do not suit a hat. My previous apartment had a... Continue Reading →

Pet Peeves

When writing her thesis - many a year ago now - my daughter thanked me for having been a stickler over English grammar throughout her childhood. I cannot deny that I was surprised - in fact, you could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather - for all my persistent corrections to her speech... Continue Reading →

Photography during a time of pandemic

When lockdown was first upon us, the cameras in our household lay dormant - not unloved, but like us - pining for the outdoors. Slowly, cautiously, we stuck out noses outside, and exposed our lungs and our cameras to some fresh air. Initially we stuck to our local park. Visiting at a time when it... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons

During the recent restrictions, my heart went out to those parents trying to balance working from home with some form of home-schooling. But I took my hat off to those teachers who had to move to teaching online without specialist training. Hopefully most children got to experience at least one teacher who's risen to the... Continue Reading →

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