Let’s talk about Socks baby …

I’m one of those women who’ve always suffered with cold feet. From the time I left life in the tropics, I’ve always needed to keep my extremities warm – hands, feet and neck. When the temperatures really plummet, I’ll even put on a hat. I do not suit a hat.

My previous apartment had a weird heating system – not underfloor but ceiling. It was a Norwegian system, designed to keep weekend properties frost free when unoccupied. Norwegians, being sensible about their creature comforts, only use it as a supplement to their primary heating system which gets fired up immediately they arrive at said weekend property. Our upstairs neighbours were able to benefit from the “heat rises” nature of the system, while I suffered constantly with cold feet. It cost an absolute fortune to provide Himself – at 6’4″ – with a hot head.

We’ve now moved, and the heating system (despite it’s own unique quirks) does not freeze my feet. Nevertheless, I have wholeheartedly bought into the practice of keeping my feet warm via the wearing of items which are not elegant.

This week, there have been multiple shipments of socks. First to arrive was a pack of boring everyday black cotton socks. We all have these surely, for the wearing of under boots and in shoes during the colder months? So far, so ordinary – except these are non-diabetic (who knew there was such a thing?) No, I don’t have diabetes, but I do hate elastic cuffs in my socks almost as much as I hate socks which slide inexorably down until they’re bunched up under my feet. So far, my review is – expensive but worth it!

The next arrival were some fleecy black socks for padding around without shoes indoors, and which may have already fallen at an early hurdle for an ominous amount of black fluff has appeared all over the carpets.

Luckily, there were no problems with these – the pièce de résistance …

They are warm, cozy, comfy and utterly ridiculous. And as one of the best things about home working is no-one can see your feet, I may never take them off!

There’s just one drawback – Himself told me yesterday it looks like I’m wearing a poodle in a sweater on each foot 😉

What do you choose to keep your feet warm indoors?

© Debra Carey, 2020

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Socks baby …

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  1. Well, they do look a bit like a poodle in a sweater, BUT I like them.

    I have neutral colored cotton socks of varying thicknesses to wear with shoes/boots. And I have brightly colored fleece socks to wear with my slippers or to bed. My socks make me happy.

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  2. Ally, do you know what’s even worse – my dear friend has just bought a poodle puppy that is exactly the colour of the fleecy bits … Before the new socks, she’d cast me as the puppy’s godparent. She may change her mind now! Good to hear that you do bright, happy socks 🙂

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  3. Janet, I’m so gutted that my black fleecy socks shed everywhere, as they felt lovely. I will be continuing the hunt …

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  4. Faux fur lined slippers? Well that is because you are a classy & stylish woman LA 🙂 I’m still browsing for replacement (non-shedding) fleec socks.

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