6 weeks, 11 books…

Those figures would say it's been a good start to my year's reading. With a yearly goal of 52 books - or an average of one book a week - you'd think I'd easily double my annual target if I kept up that pace. Yet I know it's unlikely that I will 🙂 It's been... Continue Reading →

I’m late, I’m late…

Although I knew I'd used up the bank of posts I'd scheduled, I got all caught up in follow-up work with my business coach and completely forgot to finish off any of the drafts I'd been working on before Wednesday came and went - oops! But, when I sat at my desk to rectify that... Continue Reading →

Are we prejudiced about Pride?

Pride isn't something us British do well, self-deprecation being preferred - and I think that' can be real problem - for pride doesn't have to be smug, loud or arrogant, it can be quiet, well-earned and good for self-esteem. There's a real epidemic in low self-esteem - far too many very capable and competent people... Continue Reading →

Body positivity… and negativity

I'm a fan of Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars in the US), it's my one bit of utterly mindless TV. In the past, I've not started watching until the early rounds are past, when those who have absolutely no sense of rhythm are eliminated. But Himself likes me to enjoy the full experience... Continue Reading →

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