2022 : A Reading Plan

I generally undertake a review of the previous year's reading based upon my Goodreads reading challenge report. Most years some sort of pattern emerges: a new author, a new genre.... But 2021's reading was entirely unremarkable, except for one fact - that I finally achieved my aim to complete the entire Booker longlist before the... Continue Reading →

Does the idea of of a hideaway Home appeal?

As did many things, Himself & I started looking at lots of programmes about hideaway homes during the pandemic. Not all were of the remote treehouse or rustic cabin in the woods variety, it's also been our pleasure to browse video tours of gorgeous Italian properties - especially those in the hills of Tuscany. It's... Continue Reading →

Somebody’s wife…

.... or rather, the wife of someone who's famous, or rich (or both). Sadly, being known solely as the wife (it happens less often to husbands) of somebody rich and/or famous is not as rare as I'd like, but even when you intend not to do that, it sometimes happens. As one of my recent... Continue Reading →

Have you ever dated yourself?

OK, that sounds weird, so I'd better explain. I've been reading Julia Cameron's The Artists Way, having seen her concept of Morning Pages recommended as a solution for... well, multiple things, but especially for writer's block. I'm not suffering from writer's block, indeed my problem is more related to having sufficient time (and focus) to... Continue Reading →

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