2022 : A Reading Plan

I generally undertake a review of the previous year’s reading based upon my Goodreads reading challenge report. Most years some sort of pattern emerges: a new author, a new genre…. But 2021’s reading was entirely unremarkable, except for one fact – that I finally achieved my aim to complete the entire Booker longlist before the judges announced the winner. This was a big win for me, as I’ve tried numerous times before, without success. I still guessed the winner incorrectly, but I completely understood their choice – it was my runner up – and as that was the purpose behind undertaking this challenge, I am content.

This year, along with setting my annual Goodreads target, I’m aiming to give my reading a bit more structure.

I’ve not yet decided whether to give the Booker longlist readathon another go. Two elements will influence my decision – how appealing the runners and riders look and – if I’m being entirely honest – how much Amazon will charge me to add them to my Kindle 😉

What else? Well, I’ve been given a number of interesting looking real books (non ebooks) which I intend to get stuck in to this year. In the past, I’ve struggled to find time for real books, as my usual practice was to read at night before going to sleep (and after Himself has gone to sleep). But, having switched to a meditation and sleep story night-time practice, I no longer read in bed at night, so reading a real book no longer needs to be a limitation.

My current education training and intent to read more (bits of) my multitudes of professional books will continue. The fact that I rarely finish the latter (my professional reading tends to be very targeted and, once I’ve achieved my aim, I move on) means they won’t – unfortunately – contribute to my reading challenge numbers 🙂

I aim this year to read work from indie authors – and will be starting with those who’ve agreed to write articles for my co-hosted fiction blog.

My reading challenge target for this year is the same one as usual (1 book/week) as, prior to the last couple of years, it’s a target I’ve managed to comfortably exceed.

Although Goodreads has a habit of suggesting shorter reads to those of us lagging behind on our challenges, I intend not to let the numbers worry me this year – so long as I enjoy those books I’m reading. The worst part of last two years was those periods when I found reading impossible or unsatisfactory – and that’s not an experience I’d like to re-live. I may be a somewhat competitive reader, but I’ll happily let the numbers slip for a high satisfaction rating. To give 2021 its due, I rated over half the books I’d read at 4/5 or 5/5 stars – and I’ll be aiming to achieve at least that level of satisfaction in 2022.

That’s my true reading goal for 2022 – to predominantly select those books which have a good chance of being rated very good or excellent.

Come talk to me about your reading! Give me your recommendations, tell me about your comfort reads and, for the prolific readers amongst you, did you spot any reading patterns last year?

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14 thoughts on “2022 : A Reading Plan

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  1. No patterns except I read more when it’s cold out…😉I’m going my month in book post this Friday (just scheduled it) so you can glance at my winners and losers…

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  2. I usually only read at night before bed but I have set the goal of 40 books this year. I do the Popsugar challenge and that helps me read books I normally would not have in order to fill the categories. I also got a scratch off poster of 100 greatest books and I am trying to scratch off as many of those as I can. If it fits both Popsugar and the poster I’m in heaven!

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  3. Normally I’d be quite happy to read anything that came to hand, but in the last three or four years I have become very disenchanted with much modern fiction. For example, I read raves of Agatha Raisin but I’ve read only one of that series (the first) and found it a struggle to complete, and I’m not bothered if I don’t read another.

    On the other hand I did enjoy both the Richard Osman books which have received quite a lot of scorn. At the moment I am re-reading mostly Golden Age re-issues – the British Library series is excellent – and for Christmas I had Martin Edwards’ ‘Golden Age of Murder’ which I was very reluctant to put down. I’ve got quite a few E.C.R. Lorac in e-book form which I’ve just re-read.

    Oddly I am enjoying some scifi/fantasy reading which is normally a genre I abhor, but Louise McMaster Bujold is a very good storyteller and I have re-read her Penric series for the umpteenth time.

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  4. LA, I really like how you track where your book choices original from. I know I’ve got some on my Amazon wish list and I’ve absolutely no idea how they got there! Most probably because my lists are so long that I don’t act on them fast enough 😉

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  5. Love it Janet! Whenever I’ve tried any outside challenges I find I add to my TBR list in order to meet the categories rather than tick any off what’s already there! I need to get my existing TBR list down before I dare another!

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  6. Alan, oddly enough I am entirely ignorant of the charms of Agatha Raisin, but I shall take your excellent advice and give her a miss. I just had a read of the synopsis of ‘Golden Age of Murder’ and purchased it instantly 😀 it sounds excellent, thank you.

    Like you, scifi/fantasy has never been on the top of my genre list, but I do keep hearing such good things about Louise McMaster Bujold (and not just from you know who) that I am going to have to give her a try. You never do any good for whittling down my TBR’s numbers, but you do a good job of adding to the quality, so I’m off to check her Penric series now.


  7. Though I’m not tracking them this year…last year was fun to look at but I realized that good book recommendations trally do come from everywhere…

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  8. Interesting, I’ve found very few truly reliable sources of recommendations. There’s a couple of online book groups where I’ve identified a small number of readers who’s taste seems to align with mine, but nothing mainstream works for me.

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  9. Mine was the online group which grew from a newspaper – The Times – introduced to me by the one person who’s reading taste appears to completely align with mine. I used to be in a book group which was enjoyable and introduced me to genres I’d not normally try. I really need to find a new one local to me.


  10. It went well for the first few years as people really made an effort to offer a wide range of choices from which to pick each month’s book. But then a few members offered only passion projects and also stopping reading anyone else’s book, so it started to come apart at the seams. But you’re right, there was a really diverse range of tastes so the big hits were infrequent.


  11. I set a Goodreads challenge every year, and I fall short of my Goodreads challenge every year. But this year I’m bound and determined to do it! Two down in January, so I’m ahead of my modest goal of 18.

    I just finished “Every Last Fear” by Alex Finlay and it was one of the most satisfying thrillers I’ve ever read.

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  12. Swinged Cat, I’d not heard of that before but it certainly sounds excellent, and I do like a good thriller. My dangerously swaying TBR list doesn’t thank you, but I do 🙂

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