Back to normal, or a new normal?

Here in the UK, all COVID restrictions have now been removed. No mask mandate, no free access to tests, no clear methodology for identifying new variants, no requirement to isolate even if you test positive, scant financial support for those who test positive and feel too ill to work, certainly nothing to support those who... Continue Reading →

When 2 plus 2 doesn’t equal 4

Let me tell you a little story about me and champagne... When I fell pregnant with my daughter, I was working at an advertising agency in London. No thought was seriously given in those days to not drinking in pregnancy, but restricting my drinking to a glass meant it was always insisted I had the... Continue Reading →

Ha ha said the clown….

I remember those days of internet dating when one of those ever-present terms was "a good sense of humour" - stated either as a requirement or as a description of self. But the problem is that humour can mean different things to different people. Very different things.... There were those who thought the way to... Continue Reading →

How many homes have you lived in?

I saw a statistic quoted on Twitter this morning that 11 is the average number of homes lived in during a lifetime. On a quick count up, I'm already at 21, and I know I'm not living in my forever home yet. My family was not military, but we were transferred to a new location... Continue Reading →

The long colourful bracelet

"Good memories are like charms... each is special. You collect them one by one, until one day you look back and discover they make a long colourful bracelet.James Patterson, author I happened across this quote the other day, and it brought to mind my mother's charm bracelet. They were quite the thing in her day.... Continue Reading →

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