Getting to know me … the final part!

So, we're on the home stretch. I hope you've been answering these questions along with me - even if you don't share the answers, after all not everyone's comfortable with sharing their "stuff". Surprisingly few of the questions have had no relevance or resonance which I always think is a good sign. Links to Parts... Continue Reading →

Writing Resolutions – an update

Earlier this year, I put pen to paper, listing six writing-related resolutions for 2018. As the first quarter of the year is at an end, I thought I'd better re-visit them. Not simply to check on progress, for I could tell you how that's going off the top of my head, more to give myself... Continue Reading →

Getting to know me …

And here we are at Part 3. If you're doing this along with me, here are links to my answers for Part 1 and Part 2 in case they spark something in you.  I hope you're finding this process as interesting as I am. 11.  In what situation would you feel most out of place?... Continue Reading →

ISWG : Rainy day writing

I'm a new recruit to Alex Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writers Support Group (the link takes you to details on what that means and how to join. You'll also find a list of bloggers signed up to the challenge - do check them out). On the first Wednesday of every month, we all post our thoughts, fears... Continue Reading →

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