A tank in a vineyard?

It was an early autumnal day, the sun was shining and we'd planned an afternoon's mooch around the shops. But first we dropped in for a quick bit of camera action at the local vineyard 'cos Himself had a hankering to try photographing vines. But then he spotted it. It ...? A ruined tank! Now... Continue Reading →

#FF photo prompt

I'm a co-host over at FictionCanBeFun and, having missed our own #ff photo prompt last week, I thought I'd make use of our new #TortoiseFlashFiction page ...   Sam was peeved. It’d been his turn to plan the romantic weekend and, as they were both keen photographers, he'd decided on a moonlight photo session at... Continue Reading →

#sevendays in black & white

There's this photo challenge running around to post one black & white picture a day, depicting your life, with no people and no explanations. I got tagged by a friend but, I'd already read the superbly subversive attitude to the challenge taken by Ally Bean and thus inspired, I decided to accept the challenge but... Continue Reading →

November the 9th …

... was my father's birthday. This year we are marking it without him. We'll be taking some of those Chinese lanterns up onto a nearby hill, lighting them, before sending them up into the night sky with our love and final goodbyes. My father was a great raconteur. Any time we had a gathering, he'd... Continue Reading →

The power of smell

As part of my current training programme, I've been working with the power of our 5 senses - those of sight, sound, feeling, smell and taste. If asked, I'd probably say that my least developed sense is that of smell. So I was surprised to experience a powerful smell trigger whilst in a shop selling... Continue Reading →

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