A tank in a vineyard?

It was an early autumnal day, the sun was shining and we’d planned an afternoon’s mooch around the shops. But first we dropped in for a quick bit of camera action at the local vineyard ‘cos Himself had a hankering to try photographing vines.

But then he spotted it. It …? A ruined tank! Now my life is full of excursions to see tanks and other militaria, but I didn’t expect this … not in a vineyard. Eyebrows were raised, but his sheer delight proved the unexpectedness of the find.

We took pictures of the vineyard, of course we did. And of the vines and the grapes.

And of the Farmers Market produce, with the added bonus of that particularly bonkers British pastime – Morris dancing …

But after we got home, Himself hit the internet to find out what that rusty old tank was doing there. Naturally, he shared his findings with me and you know what? What I didn’t expect was that rusty old tank’s story would inspire me to write.

Yup! I have a nice little kernel of an idea fermenting away and I’m thinking this pantser is going to try and outline it. I’m really quite excited …


© Debra Carey, 2017

3 thoughts on “A tank in a vineyard?

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  1. Aw thanks Ally 🙂 It was the most gorgeous of sunny autumn days which really brought out the colours. I’m looking forward to getting down to planning & writing the story soon. I just need to carve me out some chunks of time.


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