#FF photo prompt

I’m a co-host over at FictionCanBeFun and, having missed our own #ff photo prompt last week, I thought I’d make use of our new #TortoiseFlashFiction page …


Sam was peeved. It’d been his turn to plan the romantic weekend and, as they were both keen photographers, he’d decided on a moonlight photo session at Durdle Door. Except it hadn’t gone quite the way he’d planned.

Suzy’d loved the idea, right up until she’d discovered there was no cosy room at the inn for after. She hadn’t been perturbed when he’d loaded up the tent and sleeping bags, ‘cos she’d assumed they were just for a few hours. Apparently she’d been expecting a hot bath, a big glass of red wine and a comfy bed to go back to, with a long, languid lie-in the next morning. So, yeah, there’d been angry words and he may have used the term “high maintenance” a bit.

Still, he’d not expected to wake up and find she’d gone … and taken the car – her car to be fair – but even so. And she wasn’t answering her phone. The photos better be worth it, ‘cos sorting a taxi to pick him up was going to be downright tricky, let alone expensive.


[197 words]

© Debra Carey, 2017

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