An A-Z of Gratitude

Let's be honest, the last couple of years have been full of things not to be grateful for. Life has been limited and has changed in many ways. But one thing I found very useful when the UK was heading into it's second period of lockdown last year, was committing to a daily gratitude practice.... Continue Reading →

What do the Stars tell us?

Like many of us, I know my star sign and my Chinese horoscope sign - but does that really tell me anything ? Astrology - whether western or eastern - has been around for a long time, but it does it mean anything is actually written in the stars? My birthday is two days after... Continue Reading →

Doing your (Jury) Duty

I'm one of those people who've been a juror more than once - twice within a five-year period to be exact - despite knowing only two other people who've been jurors even the once. I admit to finding the process really interesting and, as I can still be called again - any time for the... Continue Reading →

Things which make life better

I was inspired to put this together by a random tweet I read which extoled the virtues of flannel bedlinen. Now, the individual concerned is a très chic Frenchwoman who usually posts fabulous shoes, gorgeous mountain views and classic French food, so I'd no hesitation in saying: "me too!" despite the usual connotations of flannel.... Continue Reading →

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