What do the Stars tell us?

Like many of us, I know my star sign and my Chinese horoscope sign – but does that really tell me anything ? Astrology – whether western or eastern – has been around for a long time, but it does it mean anything is actually written in the stars?

My birthday is two days after my mother’s – whilst in a different year and at a different time, this suggests that we would be much alike. Yet it’s one of my sisters, who was born in another month (as well as a different year and time) who is actually the most like my mother. They look (incredibly) alike, share many traits and interests and, probably most critical of all, their values & beliefs are most closely aligned.

A dear friend of mine was born in the same year as I, but in a different month and at a different time. In the Chinese horoscope we are both fire Roosters. So are we alike? Much like many friends the world over, there are aspects we share, and aspects upon which we differ.

My maternal grandfather had a lifelong belief in horoscopes, having both his own & his wife’s charts drawn up by a professional at the time of their wedding. Afraid of the power of making what was written therein come true, he locked it away in his safe after the initial reading. My mother came across it when we were children and, seeking to drive a horse & cart through her father’s belief, pointed out one seemingly obvious untruth – but, in doing so, uncovered a sad family secret. Despite this, horoscopes have remained one of idle amusement for most of my family.

I don’t know the exact time of my birth, but I do know the hour, so – on a whim – I decided to get a personal horoscope done a while back. I duly received a most comprehensive document from a well-known and highly-regarded source which made for heavy reading. Being honest, it mostly made sense or tallied with what I already know, and there was one pattern it highlighted which struck home as an uncomfortable truth I’d been avoiding. Being produced by a reputable organisation, it was at pains to stress that our individual choices define the detail in the direction our lives will take, thereby confirming that sad family secret was more a lucky shot in the dark than any foretelling of the future.

So, I’ll go back to regarding my (supposed) combined traits as a punctual introvert who’s good with money with the degree of humour it deserves 😀

How well do you fit some of your sign’s (supposed) typical traits & characteristics?

© Debra Carey, 2021

5 thoughts on “What do the Stars tell us?

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  1. Ha ha! Me too 🙂 And yes, I can’t disagree with that one. I’m always amused when I come across traits which are so off.

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  2. I fit some traits like conscientious and goal-oriented, but I don’t fit the trait of being status-oriented. I’ve always thought of horoscope signs as being more about inclination, not destination.

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