Photography during a time of pandemic

When lockdown was first upon us, the cameras in our household lay dormant – not unloved, but like us – pining for the outdoors. Slowly, cautiously, we stuck out noses outside, and exposed our lungs and our cameras to some fresh air. Initially we stuck to our local park. Visiting at a time when it was largely deserted, and we were able to linger without guilt to snap the local flora.

But soon we were allowed to get in a car and drive to somewhere reasonably local to take the air. Craving some sea air, Himself and I made a dash for the coast very early one morning. We didn’t pick anywhere traditional or pretty, for we knew they’d be more attractive to crowds, but we were blessed with a rather lovely sky at sunrise, and there was no-one about except fishermen …

As Spring moved into Summer, we made regular visits to one of our regular haunts, catching first the empty expanses on a cold and extremely windy day, when we also found the display created by local children of painted pebbles taken from the beach …

Whereas, on the next visit, the focus was entirely on seagulls …

An increasing need to be creative took us to one of our go-to seaside street photography locations, but this time for another early morning session …

Pretty much every event in our schedule has been cancelled, and far too often we’ve set out from home, only to return due to the overly large volume of people. Places which only we visited before the pandemic are now thronged with people.

But we’ve made the most of our opportunities, sometimes just sitting on the beach with our cameras hanging by their straps while we listened to the lapping waves and the calling of the sea birds.

The Seaside has been the saving of our sanity this year – what’s been saving yours?

© Debra Carey, 2020

9 thoughts on “Photography during a time of pandemic

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  1. “the empty expanses”

    That will be one of my takeaways from this pandemic. I go to parks– and there is no one there. Plus like you said, all the festivals and events have been cancelled.

    My saving sanity has been Netflix + Hulu + Acorn. Streaming services where I can watch TV shows at my own pace. I’m not usually a TV person, but this year I’ve tuned in.

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  2. Oh yes on those walking shoes LA. I’ve just had to order a new pair for winter. I’d been holding out in the hope that the elusive vaccine would be here so I could do in-person shopping, but have had to revert to an emergency online source which provided something vaguely suitable before. Not exciting, but needs must …

    I’m back to reading again, but not that many new books. I’ve been returning to re-reading comfortable old favourites, so not made much progress on my Goodreads annual challenge.

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  3. Deb, your photos of Vancouver Island have made me positively envious. It’s probably the one place in the world I’d be tempted to move to – if it were possible. When I mentioned it to my daughter, she gave me “the look” … the one that said the mother of your grandchild HATES flying. And as there’s another one on the way, all such ideas have been shelved – for now.

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  4. Ally, even though we’ve actively sought those empty expanses, it will certainly be an abiding memory of this time. I’m not a morning person, but it has made me see the value – from a photographic point of view – of making the effort.

    I did a TV quiz the other day and realised that our viewing has increased significantly too. The bonus is there’s been some good stuff which we’d have missed. I wonder how things will be on the other side of all this.

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  5. I downloaded kindle. I don’t like giving Amazon more support, but desperate times and all. Got an email this am that there was a massive data breach at Barnes and Noble, so yeah…fun times

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