What I learned from Downton Abbey …

Himself & I came late to the Downton Abbey party. Before we became a couple, I'd watched a couple of episodes and decided it had potential, but life took a turn... and I forgot. But after a run of particularly violent and gory films (I may have mentioned I'd not seen Tarantino's famed offerings), Himself... Continue Reading →

Personal blogging Rules

And so starts a new year... Does it look much different to the last one? Well, yes & no to quote my old friend Noel. Yes - in that we'd no idea at this time last year what we were heading for, and No - in that there's already a lot which is familiar from... Continue Reading →

Seasons Greetings

I always wind down ahead of Christmas, but this year, I'm going extra early. So this is simply to say thank you for your company this year and to send you all the very best of wishes for whatever form your holidays will be taking this year. Stay safe & well and here's to a... Continue Reading →

What are your Dreams telling you?

Life in lock-down brought with it many a change. Some read more, others couldn't concentrate on a book for the life of them. People also had strange dreams ... I've long had a degree of fascination about dreams, specifically what we can learn from them, with the twist being that for a couple of decades... Continue Reading →

Do you have a Tattoo?

Whenever I see this on a questionnaire, I answer in the affirmative: two. But they're not real tattoos, by which I mean they're boringly practical and not decorative in any way. I did consider turning at least one of them into something more decorative, but never had the courage to sit through the expected pain.... Continue Reading →

a Fly on the wall

There are times in life when you think "if only I could be a fly on the wall during that discussion" but, if you're anything like me, it's usually something directly relevant to you - either personally or professionally; I've never given serious consideration to being a fly on the wall in some other time... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about Socks baby …

I'm one of those women who've always suffered with cold feet. From the time I left life in the tropics, I've always needed to keep my extremities warm - hands, feet and neck. When the temperatures really plummet, I'll even put on a hat. I do not suit a hat. My previous apartment had a... Continue Reading →

Pet Peeves

When writing her thesis - many a year ago now - my daughter thanked me for having been a stickler over English grammar throughout her childhood. I cannot deny that I was surprised - in fact, you could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather - for all my persistent corrections to her speech... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons

During the recent restrictions, my heart went out to those parents trying to balance working from home with some form of home-schooling. But I took my hat off to those teachers who had to move to teaching online without specialist training. Hopefully most children got to experience at least one teacher who's risen to the... Continue Reading →

Where’s the line?

There's always been folk making jokes about terrible and tragic events. I've long assumed we all know someone like that - but maybe I'm just blessed.┬áDespite working hard to be conscious of my words, and doing my best to avoid causing hurt, I can't say that I'm politically correct at heart. While believing there are... Continue Reading →

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