Wake up and…?

I keep seeing stuff about the morning routines of the rich or successful or famous. I'm presuming their aim is to suggest that we, mere mortals 🙂 can emulate them in becoming as rich or successful or famous as they by aping their routines. If so, I think it might take a bit more than... Continue Reading →

So we had a few days holiday…

We built it around a military history event which we've been to for many a year now (before the time which will not be mentioned), and were looking forward to catching up with some re-enactor friends there. We booked the remaining days of our long weekend away with various other activities before setting off. During... Continue Reading →

A Bookish A-Z

I saw this on someone's blog (I cannot now remember where) but thought it would be a good way to get me back into the blogging routine after my little break 🙂 Author You’ve Read the Most Books From: The author of my comfort reads - Dick Francis. I've read every book he wrote -... Continue Reading →


I wish I could continue that famous Gershwin tune to say ... and the living is easy but, in reality, there's lots going on, a passion project to push forward, big family stuff happening and my well is running low. So, it's time for some time off to replenish, to try and pull back some... Continue Reading →

A dash of local history: Romans & fizz

When Himself first mentioned where we now live as a possible location, I wasn't overly keen, for all I knew was its fame as an area of mass housing development. It wasn't till I came to view our apartment, that I discovered all those new houses were built around an existing village with its own... Continue Reading →

Odd bits ‘n bobs of news…

I don't usually do this type of post - perhaps it's the heatwave making me cranky. For, yes, the southeast of the UK is suffering with a heatwave. Despite being a child of the tropics, I do not handle the heat well in the UK. But it appears that I'm not alone. My desktop is... Continue Reading →

Is it Serendipity… or something else?

Although the dictionary definition of Serendipity is "the luck some people have in finding or creating interesting or valuable things by chance. A seeming gift for finding something good accidentally", in the Hollywood-ised or Disney-fied happy-ever-after world we live in, it's come to signify the finding of the right person (I cite the film Serendipity... Continue Reading →

Is it really a waste of time?

I was reminded again the other day about the story of the frog in boiling water. For anyone who doesn't know it, I'll repeat it briefly: If a frog jumps into a pot of boiling water, it’s hot, so he jumps straight back out. But if a frog jumps into a pot of cool water... Continue Reading →

Life is too short to…

.... keep saying "yes" when I want to say "no". I've become a lot better at saying "no" - although I can struggle when it's to those I love. We've all got To Do lists - and I'm willing to bet that some of them are absurdly long, even overloaded. But what about having a... Continue Reading →

I’m a sucker for Sleep Stories

For most of us, having a story read aloud to us is something last experienced in childhood. It's a wonderfully bonding experience between parent and child, helping a child wind down from the day and prepare for sleep. Later, once the child becomes able to read independently, this practice tends to cease. It's all part... Continue Reading →

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